intice® Offer™ | Patented Offer Overlay

The patented intice® offer system incentives your anonymous website visitors with a Premium, Fully Customized $25 Visa Card, first to convert to a lead then visit your dealership showroom.  The intice® offer system will double the amount of first party leads generated from your website at a lower cost per lead than any other digital marketing solution.  LEARN MORE -->

intice® Trade™ | Trade Evaluation Tools

Convert more website leads with the intice® trade evaluation tools featuring Kelly Blue Book® values.  Provide a compelling Call-to-Action for lead conversion by using your $25 Visa Reward Card to incentivize customers to visit your dealership for Trade Appraisal Appointments.  intice® trade provides a great user interface that can be completed in just a few steps.  LEARN MORE -->

intice® Exit™ | Exit Intent Technology

Grab your visitor's attention as they are leaving your site.  The intice® exit intent technology presents your incentive offer at the exact moment they intend to leave your website.  This integrated Page Take-Over offer only shows to customers that have not previously registered for the $25 Visa Offer.  Convert Leads from visitors you would normally loose.  LEARN MORE -->


intice® Boost™ | Personalized Retargeting Platform

For visitors who successfully exit without lead submission, the intice dynamic model line and vehicle display page retargeting with unified smart landing pages provides extensive digital coverage on major content networks and automotive research sites by presenting highly relevant display ads during the customer's online path to purchase.  LEARN MORE -->


intice® Dealmaker™ | Digital Retailing

Currently in Beta Only.  With intice® Dealmaker™ and the power of DealerTrack® Car Dealers can provide a seamless tool that expands the lead conversion process with deal exploration tools and can quickly and acuratly calculate Taxes and Fees, Retail and Lease Payments and apply all available National & Regional Incentives directly on your VDP.  Contact intice® for more info.


“The plain simple truth of the matter is most vendors are highly skilled at selling their products/solutions not actually EXECUTING those solutions. With Intice, we got a full arsenal of products that cover the entire digital spectrum. More importantly they integrate and complement each other to deliver superior conversion and engagement. With one solution at both Sun Toyota and Brandon Honda, we increased conversions 57%. Increased shown appointments 48% and increased actual delivered sales year over year 39%. The amazing part is how quick and easy it was to implement their solutions.”

John Marazzi Brandon Honda / Sun Toyota, Morgan Auto Group

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With new management, Sun Toyota has undergone a serious digital facelift. Thanks to the high-impact digital efforts, Sun Toyota has increased conversions 57%, shown appointments 48%, and increased actual delivered sales year over year 39%.

[CASE STUDY] How Sun Toyota Increased Sales Year Over Year 39%

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