Advanced Lead Conversion Technologies for Today's Progressive Dealer.

Optimize your dealership website with advanced conversion technology, increasing engagement, lead generation and showroom visits.

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The incentive marketing architecture is a powerful tool for affecting behavior.

In order to convert anonymous website visitors into leads and encourage them to “give up their information” and “commit” to visiting the dealership, you need to offer them something in return.

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The patented intice® Leadmaker™ Entrance Notification presents the Visa Incentive offer to customers as they arrive at the dealerships website and the exit notification technology presents the incentive offer as they leave. The entrance and exit notifications and are fully Google Ranking compliant (interstitial). The intice® Leadmaker technology is polite and non-intrusive to visitors browsing your dealer's website and are extremely effective at converting visitors to leads.

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In market customers visit your dealership website everyday. The second most important answer they are looking for is "How Much is My Trade-in Worth?". How you answer this question greatly impacts your ability to get that customer in your showroom. Giving a Low Range may help your bottom line if the customer makes it to your store, but that is a big IF. The goal should be to provide quality information from a reputable 3rd party and include something that urges the customer to visit your dealership so they can obtain a professional appraisal and enter the sales process at your dealership.

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With intice® Dealmaker™ and the power of DealerTrack® Car Dealers can provide a seamless tool that expands the lead conversion process with deal exploration tools and can quickly and accurately calculate Taxes and Fees, Retail and Lease Payments and apply all available National & Regional Incentives directly on your VDP & SRP.

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Mobile First Design: Engagement technology designed for consumers visiting your site.

Mobile First: A Paradigm Shift. ... As you've probably guessed from the name of this approach to site design, mobile first means designing an online experience for mobile before designing it for the desktop Web—or any other device.

intice has taken a Mobile First design approach to Leadmaker, Trademaker and Dealmaker. With over 65% of web traffic to dealer sites coming from mobile devices, our development of lead conversion tools is specifically designed to engage today's online car shopper.


Premium Visa Reward Card



Fully Customized Visa Reward Cards


Matching Greeting Card Carrier


Visa Activation Website Application

Fully Managed Visa Reward Card Technology Platform.


ingauge digital by intice®

Optimize your dealership website with advanced conversion technology, increasing customer engagement, lead generation and showroom visits.

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Lead Conversion Technology by intice®

Increase engagement and provide an enhanced website experience by using Trademaker and Dealmaker. Start converting more visits to leads and get more customers in your showroom with Leadmaker featuring our unique Visa Reward Card incentive.


ingauge digital by intice®

Better results though strategy, experience and hard work. Search, Display and Video, via Google AdWords, YouTube TrueView Video and Dynamic Display via Google’s DoubleClick Digital Marketing Platform.

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