More than just Conversion Tools.

by David Farmer on November 13, 2015

Since 2012 we have been integrated with DoubleClick for our Dynamic Retargeting and have continued to expand our integration into other other areas - specifically for our Custom Audience Targeting (Offline to Online Database Targeting) and Auto-Intender display as well as Search Engine Marketing.

DoubleClick is Google's Enterprise Level Marketing Suite and by using this platform versus AdWords alone allows us to bring some Exclusive DoubleClick Features to dealers including the following.

Search: (DoubleClick Search)
1.) DoubleClick Automated Bidding Strategy (Reduces CPA 15%-20%)
2.) Search Retargeting
3.) Full Path to Conversion Attribution Reporting

Display: (DoubleClick BidManager)
1.) intice Boost - Dynamic ModelLine and VDP Retargeting
2.) intice Fusion - Custom Audience Targeting w/Personalized Creative
3.) intice Flux -Google data, best-in-class contextual targeting + Dynamic Creative Engine

Conversion: (intice Incentive Marketing)
1.) intice Offer - patented offer overlay
2.) intice Exit - exit intent technology
3.) intice Trade - KBB Trade Evaluation Tool

By using intice powered by DoubleClick for Search, Display and Conversion a dealer can leverage and share all data points to increase the effectiveness of all digital marketing and create efficiencies that will result in lower acquisition cost. More leads at a lower CPA.

Intice is a Certified Google Partner
We are certified for AdWords, Display, Mobile, Shopping, DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick BidManager and we are also Google Analytics Certified.

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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

David Farmer is the Founder and CEO of intice, Inc., a technology company in the automotive digital marketing industry. An entrepreneur and pioneer at heart, David has a passion for the automotive industry, technology and marketing and has more than 20 years direct experience in automotive retail.