How Can Dealerships Influence Prospective Clients Using Video?

by David Farmer on January 12, 2016


How Can Dealerships Influence Prospective Clients Using Video?

In the article “The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own,” the five major moments of an average car shopper are discussed. Moments, at which, the consumer asks himself or herself, which car is best? Is it right for me? Can I afford it? Am I getting a deal? With these questions three important facts are mentioned, six out of ten car shoppers start looking without knowing what car they intend on buying, they narrow their options by going to friends, family, and/or social media, and YouTube is becoming increasingly influential over buyers.

Of those who researched with YouTube, 69% were influenced by the video. It is important to mention that “video” is not referring to a commercial that has been placed on YouTube, like a Budweiser Super Bowl ad, for example. It is a personally made film by the company showing a car they currently have in their lot and it’s features. So, how can dealerships use these moments and film to optimize conversion rates? Just spit-balling here, but one idea could be to have videos of staff members test-driving the car. Another is dealerships could do a “Behind The Scenes” look at cars in their lot, the outside, the inside, and then have a salesman discuss the benefits of purchasing that specific car. A fun idea is to have a “Staff Favorites” video, similar to the “Staff Favorites” section at the late, great Blockbuster. Ask yourself, as a consumer, would these types of video encourage you to keep looking at a car? Do you think using more video in your marketing strategy would convert more leads? If so, how could you use video to benefit your customer as well as your dealership? Grab your staff and start pitching ideas; this can be a creative way to stand out from the crowd!

By: Logan Florin

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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

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