Incentives Matter

by Marissa Marazzi on February 24, 2016

incentives matter

The average dealer website converts only 1.7% of unique visitors to their website into leads, leaving over 98% of all unique visits anonymous.

At intice®, we agree this is a very troubling statistic especially if your goal is to convert more digital leads. Through research we have identified the reason for this alarmingly low percentage of conversions to a simple behavioral law most automotive dealerships overlook.

Simply put, this low conversion rate is happening due to a dealership’s website lack of “call to action” for the visitor to convert. Through research and utilizing human-centered design we have built a Four Step Approach to create online experiences that increase online to in-store conversions.

Our Four Step Approach:

1. intice® Offer: Patented Offer Technology

2. intice® Trade: Trade-Incentive Evaluation Application

3. intice® Exit: Exit Intent Lead Conversion Technology

4. intice® Boost: Model-line and VDP Retargeting

Let’s look further into our approach to better understand how all these moving parts result in action and ultimately happy customers.

1. intice® Offer: Patented Offer Technology

offer logoConvert anonymous visitors into high quality first party leads without duplication. We do this by offering everyones favorite incentive, money. This incentive offer is the dealership’s customized $25 Prepaid Visa card for the visitor. To redeem the card, the visitor must visit the dealership in person. Within 24 hours of redemption, the customer’s Visa card is produced, sent via First Class USPS, and delivered to them in 1 to 3 business days.


2. intice® Trade: Trade-Incentive Evaluation Application

trade logoThis tool is used as an additional path to conversion and the customer is incentivized for a trade appraisal appointment using the dealership’s customized offer. In Three Easy Steps your customer selects their vehicle specific information, optional features, Rates their vehicle and then receives the Value all in less than 30 Seconds.

  trade app

3. intice® Exit: Exit Intent Lead Conversion Technology


The goal of intice’s exit intent lead capture technology is to reduce the amount of lost traffic that should be converting. This is done by tracking the visitor’s activity on the site and automatically delivering the dealer’s incentive at the exact moment the visitor intends to navigate from a dealer’s website. The intice Exit Intent lead capture technology reduces the amount of lost traffic that should be converting.

exit intent

4. intice® Boost: Model-line and VDP Retargeting

For the visitors who successfully exit without lead submission, the intice dynamic model-line and vehicle display page retargeting with unified smart landing pages comes into play. This is done by providing extensive digital coverage on major content networks and automotive research sites by presenting highly relevant display ads during the customers online path to purchase.


Turning your visitors into leads and getting them in your showroom is as easy as providing a strong enough WHY for the customers to convert. Our Four Step Approach does just that by utilizing one of the most basic laws of behavior, “incentives matter”.

Check out our fully functional demo site to further investigate how all these tools work together here.


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