How to Build a Qualified Leads List

by Marissa Marazzi on May 10, 2016

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When potential customers walk onto the showroom floor, you’re ready to qualify and engage them with direct eye contact and firm handshake. But hundreds of leads are also entering your “virtual showroom” daily through your website and third-party lead providers. Qualifying, engaging, and nurturing them is a huge challenge simply because there isn’t enough time to personally contact and qualify every lead. You end up playing an endless game of phone and email tag with unresponsive leads when your time would be better spent focusing on leads with intent to buy.

The purpose of our technology which is installed on your dealership's website is to bring in more qualified internet leads into the showroom. Sometimes, some of those customers who have inquired about their trade-in value or who have claimed their incentive offer online, don't end up at your dealership for one reason or another. Fortunately, thanks to our Dealer Portal, you can easily identify and build a list of those leads with the intent to buy or intent to make a trade appraisal appointment.

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Use the intice® Dealer Portal to build a list:

1. Log into intice® Dealer Portal.
2. Go to Reports, and select "Fulfillment Report".
3. Select *NEW* and select dates going back 2-4 months.
4. Click the "..." button and "Export XLS" to download list.

 How to utilize this list:
- Send an email campaign offering your personalized $25 VISA incentive to get them in-store.

- Follow up with a phone call to schedule an appointment.

- Build a  custom audience for Facebook and Twitter Ads by uploading email addresses.

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