3 Steps to Evolve Auto Industry Marketing

by David Farmer on May 24, 2018

Adam Stewart from Google recently published a great article about how brands should be thinking about the customer journey in new ways.  Specifically with the goal to organize their infrastructure  from multiple sources to generate consistency across marketing messages.

While there is no question that this is a worthy goal, Dealer's need to start with this type of thinking and acting for their own marketing efforts and not wait for the manufacture to do it for them.

The 3 Steps that this article speaks about are, Organize Your Infrastructure, Activate Your Data and Improve Your Measurements.




Organize Your Infrastructure

Dealers can start doing this right now and you don't have to have access to Analytics 360 to do it.  Google Analytics is Free and can be set up in a matter of minutes.   Where some time and expertise is needed is to identify, define and organize Key Events, Goals, Channel Groupings as well as other relevant measurement solutions that are important to dealership managers.  We can help you create a New Analytics View with a custom dashboard that utilize these elements and make it accessible to the dealer.  Read this article to discover more about our ongoing Google Analytics Project: 

Activate Your Data

Here are 3 ways you can use your data to connect with potential buyers.

1.) Set up a Retargeting Campaign using unconverted site visitors to create an audience to present Display ads and Videos to encourage them to re-visit your website.

2.) Use Customer Match and match your database to targetable cookies in the Google Display and Search Network.  We can also help you extend the match by using our matching partner to expand your targetable Audience.

3.) Using your Matched Audience and Retargeting Audience; use Google's Look-a-Like targeting to expand your audience to others that share similar traits - for use with marketing with Display and Video.

Improve Your Measurements

Working with your Agency you have the ability to connect all Display, Video, Search, Social and Website activity inside your Google Analytics Account.  Using UTM Codes, Referral Sources and linking your AdWords Account in addition to Events and Goals you have the ability to create full visibility into all of your digital marketing.  You don't need to have a third party dashboard to show you what you can see inside of GA.  Using built in features like Content Grouping, Custom Channel Groupings with Top Conversion Paths or Assisted Conversions provide visibility into the effectiveness of your digital marketing channels.



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For more information read Adam's full Google Article Here:

3 steps to evolve auto industry marketing

Multi channel funnels

Google Analytics Assistand Conversions



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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

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