3 Quick Tips to Increase User Experience on Your Dealership Website

by Marissa Marazzi on May 19, 2017

The biggest challenge for a dealership website is converting visitors into customers. One of the best ways, is to ensure that people visiting your site can quickly and easily find what they are looking for- so they can give you an in-person visit.

So how can a dealership presence online make the customer journey as pleasant and rewarding as possible? 

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Here's 3 quick tips on when it comes to your dealership's website and interaction with customers: 


1. Provide the Customer with a Straightforward Journey That Guides Them Towards the Purchasing Stage

It’s a great time to be a consumer. For dealers, however, the challenge lies in giving potential buyers the best possible user experience (UX) to ensure they make it all the way down the purchasing funnel. 

How do you keep customers on your site and give consumers better online purchase experiences which ties to an offline world? Traditionally, heavy emphasis has always been on marketing and sales strategy, with dealership differentiation becoming a “me too” gimmick. The real issue is that the majority of dealerships have become marketing machines, competing against each other's hype instead of being user-centric in the design of their website and online purchase journey.

"Great customer experience design is about injecting purpose and empathy." - Chuck Longanecker, Founder of Digital-Telepathy

This is the part where you put yourself in the customers' shoes, go through your website, submit a test lead and genuinely see what it's like to "experience" your business. Review. Revise. Optimize. 


2. Be Mindful of the the Choice Architecture 

Choice architecture, or the design of environments in order to influence decisions, is pervasive and unavoidable and can lead to both good and bad choices. The organizational structure of the environment is a critical factor in influencing how people make sense of what they can do there, and the information they hope to find and learn when participating in the environment. Visitors create a mental image of the site’s hierarchy and message importance in just 2.5 seconds. 

Javier Bargas-Avila, Senior User Experience Researcher at YouTube UX Research, found that “users strongly prefer website designs that look both simple (low visual complexity) and familiar (high prototypicality).” 

 Make navigational choices and paths short, logical, and don’t try to reinvent the wheel with category naming or site hierarchy.


3. Include Useful Tools to influence Decisions and Behavior Positively

Every visitor who abandons your website without converting is a missed opportunity. The easiest way to covert traffic on your website is to directly give them enough information and tools for them to make a fully informed buying decision. 

This is exactly why we created the intice offer system as part of the incentive marketing conversion platform. This feature allows you to enhance your website with effective conversion tools - An Offer™Overlay, Exit™ Intent, Trade™ Evaluation and SmartCTAs™ - so you can convert website visitors to leads and ultimately to showroom opportunities.

IE a customer might be asking, "What is my Trade-in value?".
Answer: Use the Trade Evaluation Tool

With the intice incentive tools you can create a more enjoyable customer browsing experience, collect all sorts of customer data and build a stronger digital presence using Automotive Incentive Marketing. 

Speaking as a relatively indecisive and impatient consumer myself who prefers interacting digitally, I am more willingly to buy from a dealership whose website provides enough information and tools for me to get the information I need to expedite my in-person purchase. 


Better Online Purchase Journey Experiences Tie to an Offline World 

And there you have it, 3 dealership website tips that everyone should be mindful of to have a massive impact on the overall customer experience. 

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So wait, what does intice do?

We are an Incentive Marketing Lead Conversion Solution- with tools built to increase customer online engagement which results in more sales opportunities. The intice Conversion Tools seamlessly integrates with every website provider and creates specific conversion pathways on your website driven by the concept of incentive marketing.  

By using the intice platform, you can speak directly to your audience and tailor a relevant marketing message. This is symbiotic for both parties and provides proper design of the decision-making environment which in return is a potent way to induce certain behaviors, such as scheduling an appointment or purchasing a vehicle.

Checkout our platform to learn more about how to use automotive incentive marketing to generate more first-party leads directly on your site, increase qualified showroom traffic and close more deals. You can also easily see what our lead conversion tools look like on your site, simply by typing in your dealership site name here


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