5 Benefits of Using Google AdWords Click-to-Message Ad Extensions

by Marissa Marazzi on January 19, 2017

Looking for a new way to win over people more likely to send a text message than to call? Set up this free message extension for your text ads on the Google Adwords Search Network.

What are Click-to-Message Ad Extensions?

It allows for users who search for a query such as, Toyota store near me, to simply click a “text” button and contact the dealership directly. It is very similar to the concept of “Call-Only” ads extension, but this time it’s made specifically for texting. 



Benefits include:

  1. More exposure with no extra AdWords cost. 
  2. It gives people another option to reach you. 
  3. A way for a lead to contact your dealership with much less pressure. 
  4. Allows them to contact you from their convenience. 
  5. For users who’d rather not make a phone call but text instead, this extension is the perfection addition.

Expanding more on this topic, I spoke to Jessie Wilson, our in-house AdWords Specialist. He has been utilizing this new message extension within our automotive campaigns, here’s what he had to say;


"Overall I absolutely recommend using click-to-message extensions. The more of the extensions you use the better the ad positing will be due to a higher CTR and overall better quality score.” 


Increasing CTR, Quality Score, and Ad positioning? Our initial testing has proved this message extension has been doing a great job at improving the overall search campaign and driving conversations with customers. 

Over to you. Has your dealership used this mobile messaging option as an extra channel through which customers can converse? If so, what results have you found?


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