“I’m just looking” is equal to a SRP View.

by David Farmer on May 01, 2018

inspired by and featuring content from Alex Veal,  VP of Ops, intice.

“I’m not buying today” is a customer who views a few vehicles and leaves your site without converting to a lead.

Installment Number One of the intice Google Analytics Project for the Dealership Manager Series:

To have a strong working knowledge of marketing today, it is important to understand the role that data analytics play in it.   Specifically an understanding what constitutes success is paramount to navigating today's world of digital marketing.  Many of the marketing gurus may not have the personal experience with selling cars in the real world and lack the insights that are important when defining the success of Automotive Digital Marketing for Dealership Managers.  In this series; Google Analytics for the Dealership Manager, we aim to demystify Google Analytics, educate Dealership Managers and create useful ways to gain insights from GA and apply them to daily decision making.


The purpose of Analytics is to describe, predict and improve business performance.  Given how marketing has evolved over the years from a creative-centric process into a data-centric process, as marketers, we have an obligation to our clients to develop insights from the data we are receiving and recommend actions or guide decision making in a context that can be impactful to the dealership managers.

Key Performance Indicators or KPI's are subjective, especially, when identifying conversions, goals & events on a car dealer website. The methodology used when declaring what is and what is not a conversion, goal or event can differ widely from agency to agency.   Creating a set of standards inside of Google AdWords and Analytics that have meaning to dealership managers is an important first step in leveraging the data in decision making for where and how to spend marketing budgets.


Let's start at the beginning:

Google AdWords & Analytics are a tools that can used in as many and as diverse ways as there are dealerships in the world.  To better help our dealers we  have dedicated ourselves to create a New Standard that a dealership can use to clearly identify and measure important metrics inside Google Adwords and Google Analytics and then teach them how to read these new standards to impact real change.


Agree or disagree.  Every metric that is set up in Analytics is meaningless unless we understand and develop ways to gain insights from them and apply them to make decisions.


Looking at metrics in AdWords such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), Number of Clicks, Number of Impressions, and so on, I'm sure everyone would agree are important pieces of information, but understanding these in context is where the real value can be found.  So, where can you find and understand the context?  The answer is Google Analytics.


For General Knowledge:

Number One: Google Adwords* is for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), meaning paid marketing or advertising on the Google Search Engine.  *AdWords does allow for managing marketing of many types including Display and Video, for this series, for this series, we are going to focus on just SEM.

Number Two: Google Analytics is the platform that can measure many different types of data from a website.  Including Behavior, Audience, Conversions and Acquisition.   In basic terms, who visited your website, what did the do when the were there and how did they find you.


Google Analytics continues to evolve as technology continues to become more pervasive in our day to day lives, and we, as marketers are leveraging these transformations for the means of attracting attention and generate new business for our clients.  In our goal to create a New Standard for Google Analytics for Car Dealers, we've done a deep dive into these tools to uncover useful data points. 


Useful Features for Google Analytics for Car Dealers:
• Content Grouping
• Custom Channel Grouping
• Multi-Channel Funnels
• Attribution
• Sankey Diagrams


 Stay Tuned for more installments of our Google Analytics for the Dealership Manager Series.  Each episode in this series will focus on one small chunk of actionable information that you can apply to your digital marketing strategy.


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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

David Farmer is the Founder and CEO of intice, Inc., a technology company in the automotive digital marketing industry. An entrepreneur and pioneer at heart, David has a passion for the automotive industry, technology and marketing and has more than 20 years direct experience in automotive retail.