Are Click-To-Call Campaigns Obsolete?

by Jessie Wilson on June 27, 2017

Here at intice®, we are always testing and trying new strategies with our Adwords accounts. We are currently running a test inside of Adwords with Google for a couple accounts to see if the Click-to-Call Campaigns and Call Only Ads have any value to the Adwords accounts. Due to multiple recent advancements to the Adwords System, these types of campaigns may have become obsolete. As part of our strategy, we aim to dominate the competition and always claim the number one ad position. But, if that ad position is won and a Click-to-Call or Call Only Ad is triggered, you’ll loose 75% of the ad space you could’ve had WITH an option to call.

For Example: 




Looking at the example above, you can see we won the number one position, but since it was a Click-to-Call Ad and Keyword that triggered, we missed out on the Location extension, Price extension, Callout extension, and a second header for our ad.

Click-to-Call Ads do not provide nearly as many details about your business or Calls-to-Action as the new Standard Text Ads provide. And, with the inclusion of a Call Extension combined with the new Call Extension Bid Adjustment that is only available in the Adwords Next Beta, we can increase the frequency at which the Call Extensions will be shown.

By Increasing the Bid Adjustment, we increase the chances that Google will attach the Call extension to the ad that is selected to be shown. Plus, if the user clicks the Headline or any other link attached to the ad instead of the Call extension, you will NOT be charged the extra cost you bid to get the Call extension to show. You will only be charged the full amount if the Call extension itself is clicked.

The only down side to this is that it is not 100% guaranteed that the Call extension will be added to the ad. Google's algorithm selects ads and ad extensions based off of their performance history looking at things like conversions and click through rates. If a user has searched multiple times for the same item or phone number and never clicks, google will select other ads or extensions you have added to your Ad Groups to show that user to try and get them to convert.

So to recap, with the recent advancements to the Adwords system, you may want to start thinking about pausing your Click-to-Call campaigns and Call Only Ads. That way when you win that number one position, you are taking full advantage of all the available ad space. This could potentially increase the overall performance of the entire account at a small increase to CPC.


Tell us what you think - are Click-To-Call Ads Obsolete?

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Jessie Wilson

Written by Jessie Wilson

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