Are Your Website Tools Guilty of Google's Popup Penalty?

by Marissa Marazzi on January 06, 2017

Starting in January 2017, Google really wants your mobile site to deliver a good experience. Mobile pages where content can’t be accessed may impact the site’s ranking. What about your chat? Promotional offers? 

As Google aims to help users easily access content on mobile, they have announced a huge change to mobile search results that will be officially implemented January 10, 2017- no more "intrusive interstitials”, also known as the Popup Penalty. So what exactly are "intrusive interstitials” and how do you ensure your website isn’t violating Google’s newest ranking rule?

According to Google, "pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly” because it can frustrate users and deliver a poorer user experience. 

If you use any of the intice tools this new change will not impact automotive websites mobile search results because all tools are built mobile-first and always in compliance with Google’s latest guidelines. 

Here's more from Molly Curry's interview with our CEO, David Farmer:

David Farmer, CEO, inticeIncreasing lead conversion rates is something that should be a concern for every dealer. Using overlays, such as intice, is an effective way to accomplish this goal. We focus on delivering Best-in-Class lead conversion technology that provides a positive user experience and follows all approved "interstitials” techniques according to Google that will continue to rank high.

Read the full article examining our tools specifically evaluated by our partners at Google to ensure our tools meet this stricter mobile-friendly criteria, here

David continues: We have followed all approved techniques outlined by Google. Google does supply a "Mobile Friendliness" score and  dealer websites with intice installed rank high. We make sure we follow all Page Speed and Mobile Friendliness recommendations from Google. We are a Google Partner and hold certifications for Google Analytics, and we are constantly optimizing our technology to be in-line with what Google deems important.


Featured above, our offer tool which is extremely mobile friendly, non-intrusive, polite, and only uses a reasonable amount of screen space that is easily dismissible.


Remember, when it comes to Google’s mobile search engine results page there are hundreds of signals used in rankings. It is guaranteed that websites who are using "intrusive interstitials” will ultimately rank lower but the page still might have a chance of ranking highly if it provides great relevant content. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments or our Google Search Team directly. 

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Interview Credit: ©Molly Curry has worked in the automotive vendor industry for over thirty years and currently provides vendor management, consultancy, and research. Have a new idea that will help car dealers? You can reach her at, @vendorDBauto or on LinkedIn. She was not compensated for this article.