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Jessie is a Google Certified Search Engineer with certifications in Search, Display, Analytics, Shopping, Mobile & Video.

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Are Click-To-Call Campaigns Obsolete?

by Jessie Wilson on June 27, 2017

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Here at intice®, we are always testing and trying new strategies with our Adwords accounts. We are currently running a test inside of Adwords with Google for a couple accounts to see if the Click-to-Call Campaigns and Call Only Ads have any value to the Adwords accounts. Due to multiple recent advancements to the Adwords System, these types of campaigns may have become obsolete. As part of our strategy, we aim to dominate the competition and always claim the number one ad position. But, if that ad position is won and a Click-to-Call or Call Only Ad is triggered, you’ll loose 75% of the ad space you could’ve had WITH an option to call.

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