4 Reasons to Use Lead Conversion and Incentive Marketing Technology

by Marissa Marazzi on April 12, 2017

At intice, our goal is to create online experiences that increase online to in-store conversions. We want to help you create a seamless experience on your automotive website. That’s why we have hand-built our lead conversion technology that provides a conversion funnel that utilizes incentive marketing for car dealers to convert more leads and sell more cars. 



1. If Your Having Lead Problems, I Feel Bad for You Son

Let's be real, the average dealership website does a poor job of converting website visitors to leads. In fact, the average (LTV) conversion rate is approximately 2%. Fact: most dealers need more leads than is generated by their website. Because of this dealers are forced to invest in more traffic or purchase expensive lower quality 3rd-party leads (which those same leads are also sold to the guys across the street).

What is Incentive Marketing
? Incentive Marketing is a strategy that uses incentives as a way to encourage specific actions or behaviors by a specific group of people. Incentive programs are particularly used to attract, retain and motivate customers. The purpose of Automotive Incentive Marketing is to create a seamless experience on your automotive website to get a customer further down their purchase journey. 

2. It’s Not You, It’s Your CTA

You’ve created a great website and you are getting a ton of traffic, but it is not driving the conversion that you are expecting... How can you rise above the noise to capture the attention and wallets of customers from your digital storefront (aka your dealership's website) and convert more traffic? Use compelling Call-To-Actions and Incentive Marketing! 

A Call-To-Action (CTA) is a simple request for a visitor to take a specific action, such as ‘click here’, requesting the audience to provide personal details and contact information. Strategically place different CTAs throughout the visitors online purchase journey to increase the opportunity to convert the visitor to a lead. The ultimate way to increase your LTV (lead to conversion) rate would be to use CTAs combined with Incentive Marketing to offer a customer the opportunity to register and receive an incentive.  I can't stress enough how important it is for dealers to have effective CTAs.

3. I've Got 99 Problems and Leads Ain't One

CTAs utilized by dealers today are not compelling enough and overwhelming to website visitors. This is exactly why we created the intice offer system as part of the incentive marketing conversion platform. This feature allows you to enhance your website with effective conversion tools - An Offer™Overlay, Exit™ Intent, Trade™ Evaluation and SmartCTAs™ - so you can convert website visitors to leads and ultimately to showroom opportunities. With the intice incentive tools you can create a more enjoyable customer browsing experience plus collect all sorts of customer data. The bottom line is you can build a stronger digital presence using Automotive Incentive Marketing. 


4. Incentive Marketing & Lead Conversion Tools - Better, Faster, Stronger

With so many touch points in a customer’s purchase journey online, the need to leverage digital and drive online to in-store conversions has never been greater. The good news, is that there’s a solution for automotive dealers to reach customers throughout their online purchase journey with an automotive incentive marketing approachBy using Automotive Incentive Marketing Tools your dealership's digital presence will instantly improve because they:

  • Create multiple effective lead conversion pathways that dramatically increase leads generated from a dealership’s digital footprint
  • Easily produce sales opportunities in a dealer’s showroom
  • Provides value up-front with no strings attached to build trust with potential customers. 
  • Creates interactive experiences that'll engage visitors on a dealership's website


The ultimate goal for a dealership's website is to incentivize visitors to take action. This is why using incentive marketing tools are so darn effective, it is the perfect architecture for effecting behavior.

By using incentive tools on your site you can appeal to the anonymous website visitors and give them the opportunity to convert to a lead. This is done by enticing them with an incentive which will result in them providing their contact information and ultimately visit your dealership's showroom. This is because you are providing them value (IE $25 Visa) and at the same time priming their in-store experience.

Okay So, Why Intice?

By using the intice platform, you can speak directly to your audience and tailor a relevant marketing message. This is symbiotic for both parties and provides proper design of the decision-making environment which in return is a potent way to induce certain behaviors, such as scheduling an appointment or purchasing a vehicle.

Checkout our platform to learn more about how to use automotive incentive marketing to generate more first-party leads directly on your site, increase qualified showroom traffic and close more deals. You can also easily see what our lead conversion tools look like on your site, simply by typing in your dealership site name here


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