The Ultimate Automotive Sales Training Guide

by Marissa Marazzi on July 20, 2016


Equip your team with detailed insights on how to achieve in 6 Steps a Fast, Informational and Friendly Sales Process. This comprehensive guide will help Automotive Dealers: Streamline the Sales Process, Move Buyers Through the Purchase Journey and ultimately Sell More Cars.

Fast, Informational & Friendly Sales Process.


Introducing, The Ultimate Sales Training Guide that equips your team with the detailed insights on how to achieve in 6 Steps a Fast, Informational and Friendly Sales Process.


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The Greeting:

Welcome and Invite Buyer into the Sales Process by using Agreeable Language.

  • Building a Buyer Profile:

Understand “How, What, Where and Why” of the Car Deal.

  • Current Vehicle Appraisal:

Add Value to the Process and Reduce Time Customer Spends at the Dealership.

  • Next Vehicle Selection and Demonstration:

Gain More Credibility and Move Buyers Closer to a Purchase Decision.

  • Write Up and Presentation of Options:

Create an Emotionally Involved Experience that Creates Urgency

  • Delivery and Follow Up:

Ensure Customers have a Great Ownership Experience Right from the Start.


This comprehensive guide will provide valuable concepts that help your salesforce Streamline the Sales Process, Move Buyers Through the Purchase Journey, and ultimately Sell More Cars.

You’ll have all the needed material to further inspire and guide your team into achieving a Fast, Informational and Friendly Sales Process.

The Greeting

The first step, determines how the customer views you as well as helps creates and establishes trust with the customer. By understanding the buyer’s emotions and how they experience entering into a new situation, we aim to equip you with the agreeable language needed to put your buyer at ease and allow them to open up to you during the process. This chapter covers: How to Use a Standard Personalized Greeting, Goals, How to Respond, and Overcoming Any Objections with a Positive Attitude of Service.


Building a Buyer Profile

The Goals of the “Building a Profile” step in the process is to determine the “How, What, Where and Why” of the Car Deal. Instead of asking “qualifying” questions that are confrontational and financial in nature, ask friendly and information based questions. These questions should be deliberate questions about the vehicle they are buying, vehicle that they are selling and about what is important to the buyer. In this step it is important to use your effective listening skills to ensure that the buyer knows that you are genuinely interested in why they are there and to gain important information about their purchase. People are creatures of habit and will repeat behaviors. If you can find out what made them buy their last vehicle, it will help you with the purchase of their next vehicle.  We’ve included a list of option based questions, because it is always easier for people to choose then decide.  By giving the customer the ability to choose and you will get an answer more quickly and with-out confrontation.  Ultimately this step will put yourself in a better selling situation.


The Appraisal Process Review

“It just took too long to buy a car” is one phrase that always tops the list when it comes to negative experiences from customers. The key here is to reduce the time the customer has to spend at a dealership all while adding value to the sales process. During this phase, the goal is to gain more credibility in the eyes of the buyer so that they will move closer to a purchase decision. To do so, have a processes built-in to the sales experience that will not contaminate the buyer’s attitude and emotional state. The most valuable asset you have is your attitude, and the most valued item that you can build in your buyer is their attitude! That must be protected at all times.  


Selection and Demonstration

The information during this step in the process covers many different techniques like “Selection Alternatives”, “5 Point Walk-Around”, “S.P.A.C.E.D.”, “Double Dollar Demonstrations” and “Trial Closes”. When these techniques are used, you will get your Buyer emotionally involved and create an experience worth paying for. Emotional involvement creates urgency and will reduce resistance to making a “now” decision. Step by Step we guide you to achieve the 4 Goals of the Selection and Demonstration Stage: 1. Offer the Buyer Selection Alternatives, 2. Involve all of the buyer’s senses, 3. Tailor the presentation to the Buyer and 4. Trial Close the Buyer


Write-Up and Presentation of Options

Write them, don’t fight them. The ultimate goal at this dealership is to have a 100% write up, to give every customer the opportunity to buy. This chapter covers how to effectively put yourself in a position to close the deal. It also covers the basics of a “trial close”, collecting all pertinent information, then presenting information to the Sales Manager. When delivering the proposal to the customer, it is important to deliver it in a strategic manner, utilizing the word tracks listed in this chapter. These word tracks will allow you to disclose options and ASK FOR THE SALE. Lastly, we detail how to overcome and go for closure with a list of the most common objections that you will hear and how to handle them.


Delivery and Follow-Up

It has been said that the “Last impression is more important than the First”. The last step, ensures that the customer has a great ownership experience right from the start that results in an ongoing, positive customer relationship that results in referrals and repeat business. The impression that the customer has when they leave in their new vehicle will determine how they feel about the dealership and the experience that they had.


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