Build a Stronger Digital Presence Using Automotive Incentive Marketing

by Marissa Marazzi on December 19, 2016

With so many touch points in a customer’s purchase journey online, the need to leverage digital and drive online to in-store conversions has never been greater. The good news, is that there’s a solution for automotive dealers to reach customers throughout their online purchase journey with an automotive incentive marketing approach.

What is Incentive Marketing? Incentive Marketing is a strategy that uses incentives as a way to encourage specific actions or behaviors by a specific group of people. Incentive programs are particularly used to attract, retain and motivate customers. 

The purpose of Automotive Incentive Marketing is to create a seamless experience on your automotive website to get a customer further down their purchase journey. 

By using Automotive Incentive Marketing your dealership's digital presence will instantly and dramaticaly improve because it: 

  1. Creates multiple effective lead conversion pathways that dramatically increase leads generated from a dealership’s digital footprint
  2. It easily produce sales opportunities in a dealer’s showroom
  3. Provide value up-front with no strings attached to build trust with potential customers. 
  4. Creates interactive experiences that'll engage visitors on a dealership's website

At intice, our goal is to create online experiences that increase online to in-store conversions. We want to help you create a seamless experience on your automotive website. That’s why we have hand-built our lead conversion technology that provides a conversion funnel that utilizes incentive marketing for car dealers to convert more leads and sell more cars. 


By using the intice platform, you can speak directly to your audience and tailor a relevant marketing message. This is symbiotic for both parties and provides proper design of the decision-making environment which in return is a potent way to induce certain behaviors, such as scheduling an appointment or purchasing a vehicle.

Checkout our platform to learn more about how to use automotive incentive marketing to generate more first-party leads directly on your site, increase qualified showroom traffic and close more deals. You can also easily see what our lead conversion tools look like on your site, simply by typing in your dealership site name here

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