Why We Have Officially Joined Forces With CDK Global

by Marissa Marazzi on September 29, 2016

We are pleased to announce our new alliance with CDK Global as we join their Partner Program.


We live in a mobile-first world, that has vastly evolved from the traditional marketing approach of automotive dealers. The consumer journey online is fractured into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments which is critical for automotive dealers to be there and useful during.

As an Incentive Marketing Agency who provides progressive Lead Conversion Technology (built mobile-first) for automotive dealers, we get that.

We see the opportunity in understanding the digital landscape when it comes to consumer’s intent, context, immediacy and every micro-moment in between. 

Our goal is to help automotive dealers design a frictionless online shopping experience for shoppers to influence action directly from a dealership’s website and throughout their digital journey.

We do so by providing a lead conversion platform designed to convert more leads, increase showroom traffic and close more deals using an incentive marketing tool set of various technologies like our Custom VISA Incentive System, Trade Evaluation Tools, Exit Intent & Digital Display Solutions; Boost, Flux, Fuse & Search.

As for, CDK Global they are a leading global provider of integrated top tier technology solutions to automotive dealers and adjacent industries. Their aim being to evolve the automotive industry. 

"Our new Partner Program provides a vibrant, open, ecosystem of vetted partners that will give our dealers choices, as well as the assurance that their products will work seamlessly on our sites," - Max Steckler, VP of Product Management at CDK Global.

The CDK Partner Program’s agenda is to interconnect industry-leading integrations between dealership websites and preferred vendors. All vendor partners are chosen by their ability to simply and quickly integrate with existing CDK solutions.

“We are so excited to be a part of CDK Global's Partner Program where we can provide our progressive incentive marketing and lead conversion tools to dealers who are currently doing business with CDK to help them convert more leads and sell more cars.”
- David Farmer, CEO of intice

We predict this new partnership with CDK Global will allow us to help more dealers reach customers throughout these critical moments online and dramatically influence consumers decisions and preferences when it comes to picking what automotive dealership to do business with.


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