Customize Your Exit Intent Overlay Copy

by Marissa Marazzi on December 21, 2016

Increasing lead conversion rates is something that should be a concern for every dealer. Using Overlays, such as intice, is an effective way to accomplish this goal and create interactive experiences that’ll engage consumers on a dealership’s website. Our lead conversion technology isn’t simply built to connect dealers to customers, it’s to do it in a way that brings value to both sides of every opportunity to prime an exceptional in-store experience. 


An impactful CTA or offer overlay can be the difference maker in customer engagement. As of December 20th, 2016, we will now be offering flexibility to make changes to the text in the offer with our Exit Intent Technology. 




The last stand. The intice Exit Intent Technology works by tracking a visitor’s activity on the site and monitoring lead conversion status, intice automatically delivers a prominent and compelling call to action, including the dealer’s incentive. This is presented at the exact moment the visitor intends to navigate away from a dealership’s website.


We will now be offering flexibility to make changes to the text in the offer with our Exit Intent Technology


Create custom exit intent overlays with intice. The purpose of our exit intent technology is to reduce the number of lost traffic that should be converting. Counter visitor objections with customized Exit Intent Copy and create A CTA the clearly communicates the benefit of clicking on the button. 


"At the end of the day, overlays are really just a platform for providing value and delivering a message — make yours one that visitors will love.” - unbounce


Put yourself in the visitors shoes. As your visitor exits your page, what would they be thinking? This should be the catalyst for writing impactful copy that drives conversions. When writing this copy, translate your unique selling proposition into what your audience really wants. Focus on benefits, not features.


Checkout Sun Toyota’s customized exit intent overlay. They wanted to emphasize and inform visitors leaving their site of their, "20 Year, 200k Warranty" and “$1,00 Advantage Club Card”. 


We love this new verbiage that includes copy their two unique value propositions for their specific dealership and also provides an incentive for visitors to take action with the $25 visa card. 


The real solution involves doing something more effectively rather than simply doing more of something. As you may know, visitors to your dealership website might now always convert into a lead. As you may know, the Average Dealership Website Lead to Visitor (LTV) Conversion Rate is less than 2%. Many dealers see that statistic and assume the solution is to dump more traffic to their site. Realistically this is a lazy approach, because the real solution involves in being more effective in communicating your message to your audience and sometimes that just means a little change in signageThis is why we encourage dealers who use our platform, to utilize our exit intent technology, and customize the copy to cater to your unique selling proposition into what your audience really wants


Do you want to customize your Exit Intent Overlay?

It’s easy, just contact our support team, We’ll be happy to collaborate with you on best practices to help you customize your exit intent offer overlay. 


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