How Much Revenue Did You Lose by Not Going to Digital Dealer

by Marissa Marazzi on April 21, 2017

Shopping for a car starts way before a visit to the dealership. Today’s consumers rely heavy on digital, and especially mobile, when making decisions for their auto purchase journey. In order to dominate in today’s digital age dealers need to start re-evaluating their entire digital strategy and recognize the drastic changes in consumer behavior. 


This year, Digital Dealer Conference & Expo was held right in our backyard in Tampa, Fl. Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 'fuels the passion that drives the automotive industry’s most progressive, highest-grossing dealership groups in the country'. The expo being the perfect atmosphere for progressive dealers looking to check out vendors for new innovations, ideas, improvements and ultimately increase revenue. 


The event was held at the Tampa Convention Center located in beautiful Downtown Tampa, Florida: 

downtown tampa dd22.jpg

We were one of the vendors there, seeking to help automotive dealers enhance their customer’s online purchase journey. 

Here’s what our booth looked like:

digital dealer dd22 intice booth.jpg

dd 22 booth intice.jpg




If you stopped by our booth, you probably would've noticed we love coffee: 

digital dealer tampa coffee.jpg


See, at intice our goal is to help dealers generate leads, increase showroom traffic and close more deals using the intice® Lead Conversion & Incentive Marketing Platform. Within this platform we offer several tools for automotive dealers including using customized Visa® incentives. 

digital dealer tampa intice.jpg


This year at Digital Dealer, we launched our newest product in pre-beta, DealerMaker. Which provides a customer focused user experience that bridges the gap between online only car retailing sites and dealership websites. Dealmaker, provides a pathway for customer to go deeper into the buying process; provides trade evaluation data, customer payment options, available factory incentives - plus a way for a customer to “Make an Offer” on a vehicle of their choice.  (For more information, please click here to schedule a demo). 

This new tool was one of many amazing pieces of technology offered on the showroom floor at digital dealer. We were so excited to see how much dealers loved our product all the pre-betas date commitment. 

The convention all together was a great opportunity for dealers to just take break from the hustle and bustle of daily dealership operations, in sunny Tampa, FL. As you can see there was a great turn out: 

digital dealer 22 crowd.jpg


The perfect place to check out newest innovations, network, learn and ultimately grow. 

digital dealer crowd intice.jpg


Whether you were just taking a break from the hustle and bustle of your dealership, just curious to check out the newest innovations or came to network with other talented dealers- what did you like most about Digital Dealer 22?!

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