Google Launches Expanded Text Ads

by Marissa Marazzi on July 28, 2016

The shift to mobile is no longer happening, or will happen - the shift to mobile has happened. 

Google continues to innovate the digital advertising world when it comes to improving the search experience for users, keeping a mobile-centric focus and ensuring consistency across all types of devices. 

There has been a lot of huge changes this year when it comes to Google's Search Engine Results Page format. Earlier this year we witnessed the Search Engine Results Page change format completely excluding right-side ads. In late March, we watched as Google announced it's release of Model Automotive Ads and Dealer Automotive Ads. Now, we are witnessing Google's newest innovative change towards a mobile-centric world that will impact every single Google advertiser: Expanded Text Ads.

  • What Expanded Text Ads Are
  • Why Dealers Should Care
  • Expanded Text Ads vs Standard Text Ads
  • Best Practices
  • How to Make The Most Out of Expanded Text Ads

What Are Expanded Text Ads


"Expanded text ads are the next generation of text ads, designed for a mobile-first world with both users and advertisers in mind. They provide more space for your ad text compared to standard text ads, and are designed for optimal performance on mobile devices so you can reach potential customers when they’re on the go."

Research has shown that longer ad headlines are more useful to mobile users because it provides all that extra needed information to encourage users to click through. Don't worry, companies who have already implemented using Expanded Text Ads have seen excellent results that further prove out how this new ad format will positively impact advertisers. "So far, expanded text ads have helped us deliver a 92% increase in click-through rate for one of our brands, compared to our old text ads.” — Kirsty Woolley, Multi Channel Acquisition Manager at L'Oréal Luxe


Why Dealers Should Care

Today marks the first day that Google has rolled out these innovations in Adwords across the world. 

Starting October 26, 2016, Google will longer support the creation or editing of standard text ads. The existing ads will continue to be able to be served passed that date, but since Google is trying to stray away from this old format we can assume they won't be supported anymore not too far into the future. 

Being competitive in the digital space when it comes to Automotive, it is crucial to stay on top of trends. Taking that deadline into consideration, we highly recommend all Automotive dealers to take action NOW to switch over to the new Expanded Text Ads.


Expanded Text Ads vs Standard Text Ads


                  Expanded Text Ads                                                  Standard Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads are very similar to the Standard Text Ads, so let's take a look at the key differences: 

1. Expanded Text Ads have two headline fields instead of one. 

2. The two description lines have been merged into one field. 

3. The domain of your display URL is now based on your final URL domain. 

4. Text ads are now mobile optimized. 


Expanded Text Ads Best Practices 



Expanded Text Ads can now be officially created by all advertisers on Google AdWords. When you first dive in, don't forget to try out different variations to see what would work best for your dealership. It is also important to remember, when creating these new ads, wait for the ad to be approved before pausing the Standard Text Ads. 


How To Make The Most Out Of Expanded Text Ads 

- Rethink Ad Messages, don't just put a second headline. Instead think of the entire message you could fit across entirely. 

- Take advantage of the extra characters allowed to further explain your message to the person who is debating if they want to click onto your site. 

- Optimize headlines to ensure they read clear and easy across all devices like desktop and mobile.

- Utilize ad extensions, specifically Location Extensions, to increase performance and to drive online shoppers in-store. 



With 50% more ad text available and an additional headline, Expanded Text Ads provide more opportunity for Automotive Dealers to connect with their audiences throughout buyer's purchase journey online and ultimately drive more qualified clicks to dealership's websites. We hope this insight on Google's newest Ad Format, that is impacting everyones Search Engine Results Page, will help your dealership get a head start to dominate the digital advertising game. 


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