[Google Adwords Update] Store Visit Conversions Insights

by Marissa Marazzi on February 16, 2017

94% of franchise dealers say adwords is a required investment as part of their SEM strategy1, but how can dealers be so sure those online ads are turning into in-store customers?


A typical customer starts their purchase journey online visiting your digital store first then ideally finishes their purchase in your physical showroom. When it comes down to attributing data and giving credit where it’s due for marketing, there’s a blurring line between digital and physical experiences. 


Measuring conversions to prove ROI from online advertisements can be hard. There are so many paths consumers take on the online purchase journey- not to mention their multi-channel devices- before they step foot into the dealership. 


This is why Google has added Store Visits insights as part of Estimated Total Conversions to help marketers measure these new conversion paths -- an important step in bridging the digital and physical worlds.



"This means an auto dealer can attribute twice as much impact for every click on their AdWords search ads because they are now able to include visits to their showrooms.” -Surojit Chatterjee, Google Director of Product Management, Mobile Search Ads2


From tried results with our campaign using Store Visits with Sun Toyota, we’ve been able to attribute 2x the conversions from this nifty insights addition by Google. 


Our goal is to ensure your Google analytics is measuring all paths to purchase to measure the full value of your AdWords campaign. Using Store Visits insights, it’s so much easier to prove the impact that online ads have on offline activities, such as visiting your showroom. 

Are you getting the most return from your SEM (Google AdWords) investment? Contact our search team to learn more about leveraging this newest insight into your digital campaign.


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1  “Dealer Deployment of Google AdWords,” PCG Research, August 2016 Prepared by Brian Pasch, CEO and Gina Orlando, Researcher

2  “Store Visits Insights Gain Momentum" Google Adowrds Research, April 2015, Prepared by Surojit Chatterjee, Director of Product Management, Mobile Search Ads 

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