[Google AdWords Update] Visual Sitelinks

by Marissa Marazzi on April 19, 2017

As described by Google, Visual Sitelinks are a “mobile-only format that shows relevant images with descriptive text via a swipeable carousel".  Very similar to Facebook’s popular and mobile-friendly carousel image ad format.

They work like sitelinks for search text ads, but they allow advertisers to add a visual element and create an image carousel for users to look through. The information included within the Visual Sitelinks is a relevant picture, image title and image description.


Here's an Example:



The purpose of the Visual Sitelinks beta is to measure the impact of adding a visual element to search ads on a user’s engagement. While Google is still measuring the impact, early signals say performance is related to:

  • Image quality
  • Text description and relevance
  • The keywords/product your image is related with (whether a user finds an image of your product helpful)


The Visual Sitelinks beta is setup to test how visual content can impact a user’s intent levels on mobile devices. Advertisers have been requesting visual search ad formats for years and this is Google’s step towards providing our advertisers with a solution. 


This will also give mobile advertisers a huge advantage because of the increased real estate it gives their text ads. It also benefits our users since studies show that Google’s users prefer visual content over pure text.


We are always excited to test new betas by Google for our clients where the application makes sense. With Google testing Visual Sitelinks, 2017 may well be the year that search advertising gets a bit more visual all-round. 


We will be testing visual sitselinks for our automotive clients in the coming weeks and can’t wait to share the data from which to make some observations and recommendations.


Wanna get started with Visual Sitelinks? Contact our search team to learn more about leveraging this newest insight into your digital campaign.

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