Google Adwords Launches: Click-To-Text Message Extension

by Marissa Marazzi on October 26, 2016

 Wouldn’t it be cool to have a way for a customer to directly text your dealership from an Ad in Google to schedule a service appointment or get a quote? 


Well, look no further because Google has officially just launched their newest ad extension to Adwords called “Click to Message”. 


What are Click to Message Ad Extensions?

It allows for users who search for a query such as, Toyota store near me, to simply click a “text” button and contact the dealership directly. It is very similar to the concept of “Call-Only” ads extension, but this time it’s made specifically for texting. 


"Click-to-message ads bring a new and easy way to talk to customers"- Amit Agarwal, Google Senior Product Manager, Mobile Search Ads


How Message Extensions Work 

From their mobile device, if someone clicks the message icon it will automatically open their messaging device with a pre-populated message you create.




It allows dealers to create a pre-filled message text specific and relevant to the ad to initiate and extend conversations with customers.



Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 4.55.21 PM.png



Mike owns a honda dealership and is running a campaign to "Save Thousands On a New Honda Fit”. He wants a message extension to quickly communicate with his customers about this special and his inventory. So, when a user is served the ad and clicks “text”, a pre-populated message that Mike chooses shows up in their messaging app. He is also able to have various message extensions with a pre-populated message catered to any of his campaigns specific to the users intent

 Click-to-Message Car Dealer Adwords

Benefits for Automotive Dealers

  • More exposure with no extra AdWords cost. 
  • It gives people another option to reach you. 
  • A way for a lead to contact your dealership with much less pressure. 
  • Allows them to contact you from their convenience. 
  • For users who’d rather not make a phone call but text instead, this extension is the perfection addition.

The first Google AdWords “Text Us Now” Campaign Generated 265% Increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Over Calling


Setting up “Click-to-Message” is super simple 

Just ask you search provider about adding this strategy. The only obstacle is that it requires your business to have a phone number that is able to receive, process, and send text messages. Therefore, dealers need to set a system in place to handle these queries as well as ensure that this ad extension is only set up for business hours when someone is available to respond. 


We Live In a Mobile-First World

As dealers aim to succeed in the omni-channel age, there has been a strong shift and focus towards building the customer experience through these mediums specifically mobile. 


Gearing Towards a Mobile-First World

Google has specifically been updating their Adwords platforms with updates like: Price Extensions for Mobile Text Ads, Expanded Text Ads, Mobile Model Automotive Ads and Dealer Automotive Ads, Google Posts, and No More Right-Side Ads.


Phew, there has been a lot of updates so far in 2016! 

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