How to Pick the Right Website CTAs to Convert More Traffic

by Marissa Marazzi on December 06, 2016

You’ve created a great website and you are getting a ton of traffic, but it is not driving the conversion that you are expecting... 


Based on research completed by IHS - The average dealership website lead to conversion rate (experienced site wide including all Call-To-Actions and Lead Forms from Sales to Service to Parts) is between 1.2- 2.1%.


How can you rise above the noise to capture the attention and wallets of customers from your digital storefront (aka your dealership's website) and convert more trafficUse compelling Call-To-Actions and Incentive Marketing!


What is a ‘Call-To-Action’?

A Call-To-Action is a simple request for a visitor take a specific action, such as ‘click here’, requesting the audience to provide personal details and contact information. Strategically place different Call-To-Actions throughout the visitors online purchase journey to increase the opportunity to convert the visitor to a lead. The ultimate way to increase your LTV (lead to conversion) rate would be to use Call-To-Actions combined with Incentive Marketing to offer a customer the opportunity to register and receive an incentive. 


Call-To-Actions Utilized by Dealers Today are Not Compelling to Website Visitors. 

This is exactly why we created the intice offer system as part of the incentive marketing conversion platform. This feature allows you to enhance your website with effective conversion tools - An Offer™ Overlay, Exit™ Intent, Trade™ Evaluation and SmartCTAs™ - so you can convert website visitors to leads and ultimately to showroom opportunities. With the intice incentive tools you can create a more enjoyable customer browsing experience plus collect all sorts of customer data.


Use Incentive Marketing Throughout the Customer's Online Purchase Journey 

Incentive Marketing is a strategy that uses incentives as a way to encourage specific actions or behaviors by a specific group of people. Incentive programs are particularly used to attract, retain and motivate customers.


Pick the Right 'Call To Action' for Your Automotive Website to Get More Leads, Showroom Visits and Sales.

We have analyzed 17 Millions unique visitors, from over 100 Million page-views and over 240,000 Converted Leads - looking specifically at how many people are converting to leads through the intice Call-To-Actions vs. industry average lead from conversion rates. There are a variety of options  and tools that can be installed on your dealership’s website, checkout this guide to call to actions where we are going to be focused on Calls-To-Actions to help you increase the amount of website visitors that convert to leads. 

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