intice Tip of the Week: How can intice® get you more Google Reviews?

by David Farmer on May 17, 2017

I think we all agree that reviews are an important part of digital marketing.  More and more research shows that reviews influence where customers want to do business.  So how can you get more Google Reviews, well - here is a simple way for intice dealers to get more Google Reviews with no effort.



As a car dealer, how can I get more reviews on Google & Facebook?


Post reviews directly to your Facebook Newsfeed from customers who have visited your showroom, right from the intice dealer portal.  Plus, make it easy as ONE CLICK to for your customers leave a 5 Star Review on Google.


With the intice® Lead Conversion Technology featuring the custom intice® Visa Card, not only can you increase leads from your dealership website and increase traffic to your dealership showroom, you can also increase reviews captured from customers. 

Your intice® Pro Packge includes a Customized Visa Activation Website.  This can be installed on your dealership's website.  Example: Intice Automotive 

When a customer activates their Visa using this site, they are requested to leave an optional review.  This review can be shared 3 Ways.

1.) On your Dealership's intice® Review App: Example: Intice Automotive Reviews

2.) On your Dealership's Facebook Page: Example:

3.) You can Post the reviews right to Facebook's Newsfeed:  Example: Watch this How To Video



When a customer leaves a High Rated Review, (4 Stars or Higher) they will automatically and immediately receive an email notification (via the intice®EMS).  This email requests them to post their review to Google.  The updated EMS system  includes the "intice® One-Click 5-Star Google Review Request"

With ONE CLICK From the customer's email - they will be delivered directly to your Dealership's Google Review submission form with the 5-Star-Rating already selected.  All they have to do is click "POST" and they are done.

To test this: Visit our Demo "One-Click 5-Star Google Review Request" Here - And please leave us a review!

There is no extra charge for your dealership to use the intice® Review System - it's included.

Contact Alex (Our Director of Dealer Support - today to install the following:

1.) Custom Visa Activation App on your Site.

2.) Review Application on your Site.

3.) Upgrade Your account to the New intice® EMS

4.) Upgrade your account to our newest Visa Card and Greeting Card Theme - Check it Here!

All of these upgrades are included at no Extra Charge - do this today and get more Google Reviews!




How to post a install the Facebook Revew App. - VIDEO


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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

David Farmer is the Founder and CEO of intice, Inc., a technology company in the automotive digital marketing industry. An entrepreneur and pioneer at heart, David has a passion for the automotive industry, technology and marketing and has more than 20 years direct experience in automotive retail.