intice Tip of the Week: Setting Appointments for the Weekend!

by David Farmer on May 10, 2017

Weekly Thought-Starter

Want more traffic to your showroom this weekend, you'd better start planning for it now.  Here's a step-by-step plan to set more appointments and get them to show with intice!


Start Setting Appointments now for the Weekend!

Your intice platform allows you to export a very powerful Prospecting List.  This list will include everyone who has registered for the Visa® Reward Card incentive - but has not visited your dealership yet.

When a customer registers for the offer, they understand that they need to VISIT the dealership to qualify to receive it.  So by registering - they are telling you that they want to visit.  Scheduling appointments become much easier if we use the VISA as the reason for the visit vs. trying to SELL them a car over the phone.

Step One: Print Fulfillment Report

Open intice® Dealer Portal: Go to Reports / Fulfillment Report.  Change the Status to "NEW" - this is everyone who registered but have not visited.  Set your start date back 2 Months and the End Date 1 Month - and Click "GENERATE REPORT".  Click the "..." Button and select "Export XLS" Now you have a list of prospects for calling to schedule appointment for the upcoming weekend.

Step Two: Print List

After Exporting the XLS (Excel Spreadsheet from intice®) Open the report.  You can format the spread sheet so it is easier to view the customer's information, then Print it out.  It's all there - First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number and possible even more!  Watch this video to see how.

Step Three: Start Making Appointments

The prospect list you now have can be shared with either sales people, BDC personell or anybody you have that has phone skills.  Start making Calls and Scheduling Appointments:  Here is a sample Script: (Here is a PDF)

When the customer arrives for the VIP Appointment we recommend Redeeming First before attempting to move into the sales process.  In most cases the sales process will start organically versus trying force it.  We have a best practice Video on how to handle the Redemption when the customer arrives[Watch It Now].

Thanks for tuning in to our Tip of the Week - Happy Selling!







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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

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