Is this the Future of Test Drives?

by David Farmer on October 31, 2016

Prime Now, Drive Now - Amazon Prime Now Hyundai Test Drive | 2017 Hyundai Elantra

With this new service, you cannot buy a new Hyundai from Amazon, yet - but I am sure that buying cars online from is not that far away.  And I am equally sure that Jeff Bezos is very interested in selling cars in his "Everything Store"



 Amazon’s Prime Now service starts delivering test drives from Hyundai


The Tech World continues to innovate inside the Automobile Industry.  The latest step to bring car buying online is the New Prime Now Drive Now service that Amazon is is piloting for Hyundai.

What can the traditional Auto Dealer do to stay current with the new paradigm of online retailing?  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you offering online purchasing on your dealership's website, or allowing your customer to complete more of the steps to the sale online, by offering Online Pricing, Online Payment calculators, and offing all available specials like Rebates, APR Programs and Lease Programs?

Can a customer schedule a showroom visit to expedite their purchase, and if they do - how is your in-store process different than for a traditional walk-in customer?

Can a customer get a Trade Value or Book Value on your site and can they schedule a expedited Trade Appraisal?

Are you incentivising your customers to visit your showroom? 

Is your website optimized for Lead Conversion - do you have specific conversion funnels created that with the goal to move customers from online to in store?

What is your Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate?  (of all visitors to your website - how many do you convert to a lead, and out of the leads, how many visit the showroom)

Have you optimized your AdWords account to take advantage of all of the latest changes by Google that allow you to engage more of the customer online via Mobile Devises, such as Price Extensions, Mobile Bid Adjustments, Click Extensions, Click to Call Campaigns and the most recent change - Click-To-Message Ad Extensions



Click-to-Message Car Dealer Adwords 

Please let us know what steps you are taking to innovate your dealerships online presence as well as you showroom processes, We'd love to hear from you!


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Written by David Farmer

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