Mightyhive Creative Solutions puts intice in the driver's seat

by David Farmer on July 10, 2018



Google Marketing Platform Studio

gives intice® full creative control.


[formerly, DoubleClick] 


Intice is a digital agency specializing in auto dealership marketing. As a pioneer in dynamic dealership retargeting and prospecting, Intice requires advanced on-site data capture and the ability to match visitor intent to constantly updating auto inventory.

Prior to working with MightyHive creative services, Intice worked with a full-service dynamic creative platform that was attuned to its complex needs. However, the full-service model gave Intice little direct control which tended to make changes cumbersome.


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Intice employs advanced, data-driven creative and required a specialized partner. MightyHive applied its strong knowledge of dynamic creative to quickly migrate three dynamic executions from a third-party platform to DoubleClick Studio.

The MightyHive creative solutions team was able to convert legacy dynamic executions into easier to manage formats, putting full control of dynamic creative into the hands of the team at Intice.




MightyHive audited Intice’s existing solutions to understand the full scope of their needs and used the resulting insights to create a migration plan. MightyHive and Intice then worked together to get Intice up and running on DoubleClick Studio within 1 week with full control over creative and dealership inventory feeds.


Now with ownership of the dynamic creative process, Intice can make changes and adjustments and launch new dynamic executions without working through a third-party. Updates can be made with a few clicks, allowing Intice to focus on providing their dealership clients the best possible performance and service.


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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

David Farmer is the Founder and CEO of intice, Inc., a technology company in the automotive digital marketing industry. An entrepreneur and pioneer at heart, David has a passion for the automotive industry, technology and marketing and has more than 20 years direct experience in automotive retail.