How to Use "Pokémon Go" to Drive Foot Traffic

by Marissa Marazzi on July 15, 2016


Catch 'em all using Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality App. Meaning, it mixes real-world elements, your GPS, camera and clock to allow users to search, capture, and train Pokemon characters.

Since it’s release on July 6, 2016, it has been crowned to be The Biggest Mobile Game In History by SurveyMonkey.

As of right now, in the United States, Pokémon Go has an estimated 21 Million Daily Active Users. Meaning, It’s already bigger than Tinder, Twitter, Netflix and soon will Surpass Facebook, Snapchat and Google Maps. That’s jaw-dropping impressive.

This beautiful relationship of IP, Technology and Gameplay is not just a trend, but a sustainable beast.

So, how can this Pokémon Go Phenomenon positively impact your dealership?

Read on to learn how in 5 Steps Pokémon Go can: 

  • Give Customers an Incentive to Choose your Dealership Over Others
  • Drive Unlimited Foot Traffic to Your Dealership for only $1.19 an Hour
  • Create Strong Emotional Connections with Customers
  • Engage the Oh-So-Difficult Millennial Market
  • Create Real Conversations with Real Customers On Social Media

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You don't need to be a Pokémon Master to capitalize on this opportunity. 

A creative opportunity that will attract, engage and delight customers. 

The Goal of a user playing Pokémon Go is to catch em’ all using pokeballs and ultimately become the Pokémon Master. Unlike other “traditional” games, this game has users traverse their towns in search of Pokémon, as well as Pokéstops and Gyms which happen to be real-world locations.


This is why Pokémon Pokémon Go can be seen as an opportunity for businesses alike.

It might sound like a silly idea combining the “viral” Pokémon Go game with your dealership’s marketing efforts, but sometimes the “silliest ideas” actually turn out to be the best.

Think about it, how many of your fellow competitors are capitalizing on this Pokémon Craziness?

Probably none.

I challenge you to use these 5 steps, filled with creative ideas, to your dealership's advantage. 

Step 1: Look the Part

If you’re Going #TeamPokemon, Go Big or Go Home.


You can purchase a Giant Inflatable Pokémon here

Step 2: Investigate Pokémon Go Map

Find out if your Dealership is a Pokéstop or Gym



If not, check out if there are any Pokéstops and/or Gyms within your dealership's location radius.

PokéStops and Gyms are Real-World Locations 

With the mass amount of players playing the game, they will automatically attract traffic without effort. Therefore having one or many near the dealership would be beneficial in your case. 

How to Check 

From the Dealership’s location, visit the map within the App and look around for any Pokéstops or Gyms. Best case scenario, you win life with your dealership being a Pokéstop.


Step 3: Lure 'em in


Drive Foot Traffic to Dealership

Like every free app, Pokémon Go offers a range of in-app purchases.

Specifically there are two items that can be bought to attract Pokémon : Lure Modules and Incense. Incense only works for you alone, but the Lure Models apply to every Trainer in that area and can be only used at Pokéstops. Here's what's awesome about Lure Modules: they attract Pokémon to a specific Pokéstop location for 30 minutes. Which makes it an ideal place for trainers to hangout at and catch Pokémon. 

Use a Lure Module to Drive in Traffic from the Pokéstops Surrounding Dealership  

Like mentioned before, it is an in-app purchase, but might I add how modest the price tag is

Let's do the math, 

With $100 netting you 14,500 Pokecoins and an eight-pack of Lures costing 680 Pokecoins:

14,500 Pokecoins / 680 = 21 eight-packs of lures

(21 * 8)/2 = 84 hours
$100/84 hours = $1.19 per hour

$1.19 an hour for unlimited foot-traffic. 

Using a Lure Module has already proven to help small businesses dramatically boost sales

For example, L'Inizio Pizza Bar who spent $10 testing it. As a result of dropping the Lure Module, they have seen at least a “75% increase in its business over the last several days”.  

How to Place a Lure Module
  1. Enter “Shop” on Pokémon Go App
  2. Purchase the purple, box-shaped Lures
  3. Pokémon Go back to Map and click Pokéstop next to Dealership
  4. Tap the small, white, pill-shaped Lure Module slot that sits just above the circular disc and just below the name of the PokéStop. 
  5.  Tap the PokéStop Module at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Tap on the Lure Module.
  7. Sit back and watch the magic happen. 


Note: You'll know it worked because pink, heart-shaped petals will float around it.


Step 4: Engage Foot-Traffic

With the popularity of the game, foot-traffic is mathematically guaranteed. 

Don’t be surprised if you see people obviously Pokémon Hunting outside. 


Realistically, all foot-traffic at the dealership might not be ready to buy and just came to play the game- that’s cool. Remember some people are not quite in the sales funnel yet. By embracing their Pokémon Go addiction you will automatically earn brownie points in their heads and bring awareness of your dealership. Ideally, the goal would be to make a memorable first impression. 

Talk to 'em

Okay, some Pokémon Go players can easily be mistaken as zombies, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real people. Interact with them, human to human. If it’s obvious they are only there for the game, don’t pester them on making any purchasing decision.

Give 'em Something

Water, snacks, a Pikachu Plush Backpack- something.

Right now in Florida, it’s really hot outside which doesn’t really mix well with the amount of walking distance Pokémon Go expects a user to cover. I’d gladly take an ice cold water, some snacks and a souvenir.


Step 5: Create Real Conversations with Real Customers Online

Social Media wasn’t made for marketers to spit advertisements at people. Rather it’s initial purpose, according to Mark Zuckerberg, was to accomplish a social mission- to make the world more open and connected.

Here’s your chance to actively get in on the conversation and get customers to participate with you from a digital standpoint.

Personally I find social media an area that all, dealership’s fall short on. Besides selling yourself or the product, there really isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the relationship between Car Dealers and Consumers. Therefore, an Inbound Marketing Approach is only logical in this scenario. 

Checkout These Social Media Content Ideas to Get Started. 


Love it or hate it, Pokémon Go is THE biggest mainstream Augmented Reality Game to date, period. If you want to win in the game of business you have to keep your eyes peeled on big shifts in consumer behavior and captalize on them when it’s time. This is a major key for dealerships when it comes down to Automotive Digital Marketing and the ever evolving automotive industry. 

By understanding the basics of how this game works, dealership’s can drive foot-traffic and create strong emotional bonds with customers for very little money. 

Ultimately, there’s unlimited potential for dealerships to put a creative twist on this phenomenon to attract, engage and delight customers. I can’t guarantee a direct ROI if you choose to implement these creative ideas, but I can guarantee the customers that you delight today are going to remember you tomorrow.

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