Google Launches Price Extensions for Mobile Text Ads

by Marissa Marazzi on August 02, 2016



If we’ve learned one thing from Google in 2016, it’s that they are NOT messing around when it comes to innovating digital marketing in our mobile centric world. They've made it loud and clear that mobile has become the dominant way users are searching. 

This year alone we’ve seen countless huge changes Google has made to their Search Engine Results Page recognizing that mobile is the preferred method to search. 

Seriously, Google has been keeping everyone on their toes this past year and all of these changes are impacting every automotive dealer's PPC results.

Let's Recap:


Google Completely Removed Right-Side Ads.



Google mysteriously released an “experimental platform” aka "Google Posts" that let's the chosen few directly post on Google's Search Engine Results Page.


After that they announced,

"Rev Up the Car Shopping Experience with Auto Ads”. Which turns out to be an ad platform specifically built for the automotive industry with it’s own type of ads: Model Automotive Ads and Dealer Automotive Ads.


Most Recently,

Google Launched Expanded Text Ads. Which provide more space for your ad test compared to standard text ads, not to mention they killed off standard text ads completely.


And now introducing,

Price Extensions.


What Are Price Extensions?

Price Extensions provide additional information that can show with your mobile text ads, showcasing your services and range of products, and how much they cost.


This new feature gives a dealership the ability to include pricing and payments on specific models which will display directly on the google Search Engine Results Page like this:



The addition of price extensions to the already available ad extension options in Google AdWords, will be VERY beneficial to automotive dealers if implemented properly.


With this change, I’ve drawn out some of the obvious Pros and Cons we've already uncovered so you can decide if implementing these Price Extensions in your automotive digital strategy would be appropriate.



More Qualified Clicks.

Price Extensions will drive more qualified clicks. They will show up as multiple rows, providing valuable pricing information to leads before they even click the ad. The structure shows the model type, description, price and makes it even easier for the mobile user by leading them to the relevant VDP page.


Easy to Implement.

It’s pretty easy to add this extension in adwords at the account, campaign, or ad group level within the ad extensions tab in AdWords.


Takes Up Significant Real Estate on Mobile.

It will absolutely stir tough competition that will potentially drive up mobile CPS in a valuable way. 


User-Friendly Interface 

Putting myself in the car buyer's shoes; these ads are so easy!


Opportunity to Show Multiple Vehicle Pricing Information on an Ad

Seriously, how awesome would it be to have only your dealership's vehicle pricing information right on Google, which is super easy for a car buyer to click?



Only Will Show on Mobile.

Google has taken a strong stance on innovating for the mobile centric world, and has deemed these ads to only be mobile-friendly.


Only Available in English

For now, so stay tuned!


Only Will Show Price Extension if Ad is in Position #1.

It is now more important than ever to ensure your dealership is in that top spot.


Higher Bids for Top Spot.

In order for this extension to work, it must be the #1 Ad, therefore expect an increase in bidding wars for that number one spot.


Extensions Keeping Getting Disapproved.

The common theme for these extensions thus far dance arround the idea that Google is a little confused on the guidelines behind approving these ads for automotive dealers and incorporating all their already existing features into the mix. 


Here's an Example of an Approved Price Extension

After several rounds of being disapproved, Google finally approved some like this one:



Note: This a brand new extension option, but we strongly believe that this extension can be a powerful tool for Automotive Dealers, so stay tuned for data results!


The new Price Extensions rollout further proves how important it is to have an aggressive digital approach that is mobile-centric, considering that’s where people are searching.

Don’t forget that If you want to implement Price Extensions in your strategy, aim for position #1.

Although all these sudden changes can be seen as overwhelming, our team at intice couldn’t be more excited to help dealers be a part of this mobile-centric mission Google has aggressively embarked.

What do you think?

As we test the waters with this new price extension for automotive, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  

Has your dealership tried them out?

Did it get approved? If so, thoughts on best practices?


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