Should Your Dealership Internally Manage Your SEM and AdWords Strategy?

by Marissa Marazzi on October 27, 2016

Being a progressive dealer, it is obvious to be competitive in the market you must have an aggressive digital strategy. 
There’s a lot of talk about SEM, PPC, SEO and AdWords. 
1. What is the difference between them?
2. Which will be the best fit for your digital strategy?
3. Should Dealership’s manage their own SEM campaigns internally?
Short answer: 
2. There’s no one size fits all strategy. 
3. If you wish to remain sustainable, absolutely not- save yourself the headache. 
Long answer: 
Novice or expert we can both agree that the digital game has A LOT of moving pieces. I’m here to advise you that your digital presence shouldn’t be a DIY project. 
Your SEM strategy should be executed with focus on targeting in-market shoppers and lead conversion while fully maximizing ROI. 
According to PCG Research Study: Dealer Deployment of Google AdWords... 
adwords stats.png
It is very easy to start spending money on AdWords
The Adwords system is designed to appear easy to use but it is specifically designed to make you spend more money. If you don’t have the proper monitoring, control tools, knowledge and experience, you will end up making losses instead of profits. Save your money and invest it into hiring professionals to handle it for you. 
If you don’t use it correctly it will be like playing in a Casino where you spend money with the wishful thinking that sometimes you will get it back, but you never do! 

Over to you. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on how important Google AdWords is for your dealership. Are you running campaigns in-house or from a search provider? What pros and cons have you encountered? What KPIs does your dealership focus on in reporting to ensure you're targeting your digital dollars with laser-guided precision? 
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