[Case Study] How Sun Toyota Increased Sales Year Over Year 39%

by Marissa Marazzi on April 06, 2017

With new management, Sun Toyota has undergone a serious digital facelift. Thanks to the high-impact digital efforts, Sun Toyota has increased conversions 57%, shown appointments 48%, and increased actual delivered sales year over year 39%.


A New Beginning

Sun Toyota, located in Holiday, Florida, is the highest volume new and used Toyota dealer in the entire Tampa Bay region. But it wasn’t always this way. Around a year ago it was acquired by Morgan Auto Group putting John Marazzi, the new managing partner, in charge.

John Marazzi is a well-respected automotive leader who is better known for his unique creative and progressive formula on dominating this field. His gritty work ethic has brought him success for many years throughout his career including his time spent at Ft.Myers Toyota, Audi, Jaguar, & Land Rover of Fort Myers, John Marazzi Nissan in Naples and now his journey has led him to the Tampa Bay Area teamed up with the Morgan Auto Group, where he is managing partner at both Brandon Honda and Sun Toyota.

The Challenge

Taking on Sun Toyota, Marazzi realized the potential of this store was being hindered due to dollars primarily allocated to traditional media. Marazzi’s first priority was to transition the operation into a digitally focused powerhouse.

The Approach

Even though traditional media was relied on for decades, the choice to go for an aggressive digital strategy was obvious to Marazzi. With that, Marazzi dove into re-doing their digital storefront (website) strategy completely, and implementing the entire intice lead conversion and incentive marketing platform all across.

"The plain simple truth of the matter is most vendors are highly skilled at selling their products/solutions not actually EXECUTING those solutions. With intice we got a full arsenal of products that cover the entire digital spectrum." - John Marazzi

Making the Leap to an Aggressive Digital Strategy

Let’s take a look into how Sun Toyota, one of Florida’s biggest Toyota dealers, uses the intice lead conversion platform to turn the online purchase journey of a consumer into a seamless experience ultimately resulting into more showroom traffic and sales.

"With intice, we got a full arsenal of products that cover the entire digital spectrum. More importantly they integrate and complement each other to deliver superior conversion and engagement. More importantly they integrate and complement each other to deliver superior converion and engagement."  - John Marazzi

Follow the connected consumer across channels

Marazzi's approach was to adopt an “always on” omni-channel strategy connecting with consumers throughout their entire purchase journey. Efforts spanned across their Website Tools, Google Search, YouTube TrueView and the Google Display Network with dynamic ads to connect with consumers across their purchase journey. The goal with an 'always on' strategy is to really ensure offline and online activities are working simultaneously together to build a consistent presence, throughout every single month of every single calendar year.

The Platform and Tools

Sun Toyota implemented the entire intice incentive marketing and lead conversion platform.

"The amazing part is how quick and easy it was to implement their solutions." - John Marazzi

The following tools were used:

intice® Offer™ | Patented Offer Overlay

The patented intice® offer system incentivizes your anonymous website visitors with a Premium, Fully Customized $25 Visa Card, first to convert to a lead then visit your dealership showroom. The intice® offer system will double the amount of first party leads generated from your website at a lower cost per lead than any other digital marketing solution.


intice® Trade™ | Trade Evaluation Tools

Convert more website leads with the intice® trade evaluation tools featuring Kelly Blue Book® values. Provide a compelling Call-to-Action for lead conversion by using your $25 Visa Reward Card to incentivize customers to visit your dealership for Trade Appraisal Appointments. intice® trade provides a great user interface that can be completed in just a few steps.


intice® Exit™ | Exit Intent Technology

Grab your visitor’s attention as they are leaving your site. The intice® exit intent technology presents your incentive offer at the exact moment they intend to leave your website. This integrated Page Take-Over offer only shows to customers that have not previously registered for the $25 Visa Offer. Convert Leads from visitors you would normally lose. 


intice® Boost™ | Personalized Retargeting Platform

For visitors who successfully exit without lead submission, the intice dynamic model line and vehicle display page retargeting with unified smart landing pages provides extensive digital coverage on major content networks and automotive research sites by presenting highly relevant display ads during the customer’s online path to purchase. It’s a simple idea: if you want to boost sales, show people the products they’re interested in.

The Results

"With one solution at both Sun Toyota and Brandon Honda, we increased conversions 57%, increased shown appointments 48% and increased actual delivered sales year over year 39%." - John Marazzi


Full Sales Attribution Report

With Sales Data provided by Sun Toyota, we matched up all Sales to intice® Converted Leads to complete a Full Sales Attribution Report. We matched on a combination of First and Last Name, Street Address, Phone Numbers and email address. More than 75% of our matches were to 2 data points or more, and about 25% to at least one.

The Standard Lead To Sale Ratio Wasn't Enough

Our goal was to really identify the quality of the leads generated through intice. With that, we created a new Lead to Sale Metrics which includes a time element.

Our New Lead To Sale Metrics:

LTS-90 Leads to Sale Ratio 90 Days - All Leads that match a sale with a sale date that is between Lead Submission Date and no more than 90 days after.

LTS-90-365 Leads to Sale Ratio 90 - 365 - All Leads that match a sale with a sale date that is between 90 days from Lead Submission Date and no more than 365 days from lead date.

LTS-365+ Lead to Sale Ratio 365 Plus - All Leads that match a sale with a sale date that is more than 365 days from lead date.

LTS-P Lead to Sale Ratio Post Sale Registration - All Leads that Registered AFTER sale.

The Key is Identifying the Highest Quality Leads Compared to Others

We believe that leads that convert to sales within 90 Days from Lead Conversion are the highest quality - this Metric is LTS90. The other metric that is important to distinguish from others is the Post Sale Registrations. This is LTS-P - customers who bought a car and then subsequently registered for the offer. For this metric we did not dig deep into a time element, but did identify the amount of customers who registered for and redeemed their Visa Card.

There are other great metrics included in this report such as PVR, which was used to compare intice Leads/Sales PVR to ALL Sales. It shows that there is a lower PVR on intice converted leads compared to all other sales. Other things to look at is Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale - which are very low. And the overall Lead to Visit rates at a strong 3.18% for Sun Toyota.

Measuring Results on Every Dollar

Check out the full attribution report for sales 4/16 - 12/16 vs intice Leads from 2/16 - 12/16; 




Align with a Progressive, Innovative Partner

By tracking ROI and attributing the correct quality of the leads, Sun Toyota plans to continue working with intice to reach car buyers during the full customer journey — from research to purchase.

With the main goals being to generate leads, increase showroom traffic and close more deals - Sun Toyota utilized the intice platform to produce enviable results. The key was to drill in to see the actual behavior of any individual from their first to last activity, right before the conversion takes place (first and last touch). After deep diving into the data to prove the quality of intice leads and how intice can be used to help dealers convert more leads and sell more cars, we’re excited to announce the results of Sun Toyota's digital re-vamp.

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