The Secret Weapon for a Review Strategy

by Marissa Marazzi on May 12, 2017

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You've spent what seems like a lifetime strategizing your dealership's digital presence ensuring every part of your strategy is ready to win the battle.

  • ✓Google Adwords
  • ✓Facebook Advertising
  • ✓Digital Radio Stations like Pandora
  • Re Targeting

The list goes on, as there are so many soldiers out there in the automotive digital field battling to win you customers to your dealership.

One part of the battle that you are well aware of and (seemingly) out of your control but vital for your digital presence, customer reviews.

You can execute flawlessly on all parts of your operation until one day, some customer leaves a disgruntled negative review. As you know, a well placed negative review can cripple your entire online reputation and all that hard work you've put into all operations- traditionally and digitally.

To make matters more complicated (nothing is every easy, right?!), customers are able to post reviews about your dealership on a myriad of sources like: Facebook, Google, Dealerrater, and Phew, that's a lot of reputation management.

Car shoppers are 90% more likely to visit your website and 5.3 more likely to visit your dealership if you have positive dealership reviews online

Expanding on that, how does your dealership manage reviews?

A Barrage of Quality Reviews Can Help Put Customers on the Battlefield

Opinion seekers and consumers on their online purchase journey do their homework. They are not only checking to see what car they want to buy, but who they want to buy it from. Therefore, it is so important through all these outlets that reviews reflect how you want your dealership to be reflected.


Avoid the Minefield of Bad Review Apps.pngAvoid the Minefield of Bad Review Apps

Does your website prompt a user to make a review? If so, can the customer make a review directly on your page instead of being bounced to another website (like DealerRater)? 

That’s the issue with most review apps on the market, they don’t keep the customer on YOUR website and take them to another site. That’s problematic for a dealer, because why would you want to distract the user from the goal of converting them into a lead giving them another step in their purchase journey? Also, why would you want to send them somewhere where they can also see other dealership’s reviews aka the competition?

The next challenge is getting customers to actually take the time to write a thoughtful review. It is clear the importance of reviews from happy customers, but how do we spark those customers to actually go through with taking this action?


There's a cognitive old saying, "you can't change what people say or do only how you react to it", which is evidently true… 

This is why we’ve hand-built our newest tool, intice® Review Application, to tackle both these challenges- and more. 

Introducing, the intice® Review Application:

The intice® integrated Dealer Visit Review Platform is built to: 

  • convert leads
  • increase showroom traffic
  • give online visitors an easy way to publish reviews 
  • keep customers on your dealership’s website 
  • ability to publish reviews to Google and Facebook.

This application is easily installed with a little snippet of code, on (any or all) dedicated pages of your dealership's website, Search Results Page (SRP) or Vehicle Details Page (VDP Listing App). It also can be installed on your dealership’s Facebook page, making reviews easier than ever. 

It makes it easier than ever to give users a way to leave high rated reviews (4 or Higher) by automatically sending them an email with One-Click 5-Star Google Review Request.

Note: If you already have intice, [how-to-video]: Simple install from intice® Dealer Portal))

Check out the human design centered features:

Fully Customizable: 

- Select Color Theme to match your dealership's branding.

- "White-Labeled" to your dealership, no "Powered By" Logo or links away from your site.

Easy to Capture Reviews: 

- Customer can write a review right in the review application, on your website and Facebook.

- Customer is requested to leave an optional review after activating the Dealership Visa Card

Publish Reviews to Google and Facebook: 

- High Rated reviews (4 or Higher) automatically receive an email with One-Click 5-Star Google Review Request.

- Publish Reviews Directly to Facebook NewsFeed from intice® Dealer Portal [how-to-video]

Notifications of Reviews: 

- Dealership Management will receive immediate notification via email with review details. 

- intice® Dealer Portal inbox notification center contains all reviews, plus notifications at login.

A review app that is user-friendly, keeps customers on your site, and has the ability to publish reviews on social media. If you would like to learn more about our newest tool, click here 

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