WTF is VDP Retargeting & why should I care?

by David Farmer on June 13, 2017

VDP Retargeting is simply retargeting a visitor from a VDP - or Vehicle Display Page on your website.






Retargeting from a VDP is a very simple process and can be done simply by grabbing a code snippet from AdWords or other retargeting platform like AdRoll dropping on your site and setting up a campaign with a display ad.

Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions.


Retargeting is a very effective way to extend your engagement and  branding to visitors after they leave your site and should be done by every dealership.  To what extent is subjective, but if you have a website it should be part of your digital strategy.

It's well understood that a "one-size fits all" approach is not effective.  Since each customer may be in a different stage of their purchase journey.  This is where remarketing/retargeting comes in to play.

Questions you should ask when creating your Retartargeting Strategy - along with some recommendations and Tips.



What creative should I use?

The cornerstone of an effective Retargeting Campaign is RELEVENCE.  We recommend if a customer researches a particular model on your dealership's website (SRP or model landing page) - you should retarget with that or those models.  

PRO TIP:  Landing Page should be relevant to the ad content and should be optimized for Lead Conversion.

If a customer visits a specific vehicle, such as a Vehicle Display Page VDP) - you should retarget with that particular Vehicle.

What creative not use:  Ads that include All inventory - if a customer viewed a 4x4 Truck on your website during a visit - retargeting with a coupe or a minivan with be waste of your budget.



Who should I include in an retargeting audience?  You may want to show one ad to someone who visited your dealer's home page and another ad to people who visited an SRP or VDP.  

PRO TIP: Exclude converted visitors:  once a customer converts your engagement protocol and follow up should change.



Should I place the ads?  DoubleClick is Google's Enterprise level display platform. Doubleclick gives you access to top-tier inventory across screens and formats, and the real-time insights you need to make your buys count.



When should I serve my retargeting ads?  You've all seen it happen when you are browsing the internet - you visit a site and then you are bombarded with retargeting ads and you may see dozen's of ads in the preceding hours.  So much so that it becomes annoying.  Especially when the ads may not be relevance.  

PRO TIP: Limit the ads shown to visitors to a "reasonable amount" - such as 5 to 7 impressions over a 2 day period and limit to a 60 or 90 day window.  In addition limited to highly quality positions such as above the fold only.  



How much budget should I allocate?  There is no right or wrong answer here, metrics such as CPM, CPC, CTR and View Through Conversions will help you identify the overall effectiveness of a display retargeting budget.

Here is a formula that we use for recommendations:

Conservative Budget: $0.10 per Visitor

Moderate Budget: $0.20 per Visitor

Aggressive Budget: $0.30 per Visitor

Example: 5,000 visitors per month: Conservative = $500, Moderate = $1,000, Aggressive = $1,500


intice® Boost VDP Retargeting Platform is an simple and effective way to implement a highly strategic retargeting solution.  

Benefits on the Boost System.


1.) We track each every page view and only show VDP Retargeting Ads to Customers that visit individual VDPs on your site.

2.) Our Dynamic Inventory System automatically syncs with your website 4 times Daily.  

3.) The landing page is the VDP.  When a customer clicks a VDP Retargeting Ad it clicks through to the previously visited VDP.

4.) You set the budget - Minimum budget is $300 and there is no monthly fee.

5.) We limit the impressions to 5 over any 2 day period and keep a 90 day window.

6.) We only target non-converted VDP Visitors.


Want to see Dynamic VDP Retargeting in action?


Visit - visit any New Car VDP and come back here and see it work.   Then click the ad to go directly back to the VDP.



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David Farmer

Written by David Farmer

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