Introducing Dealmaker®

Plug & Play Digital Retailing for your website.

A Digital Retailing Application for customers, who are demanding more control and transparency in the buying process and who are looking to reduce the amount of time needed inside a dealership for their car purchase.

Car Shoppers visiting dealership websites want to do more than search for inventory or complete an online form submission. They are searching for an integrated sales process providing transparency in the purchase experience that spans both their website experience and the showroom experience.

Leveraging the experience gained over the last 6 years of helping dealers convert more leads and generate more showroom traffic, intice® has developed a revolutionary digital retailing website application.

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Analog Retailing to Digital Retailing

Learn why it is a must for dealerships to optimize their website for the online buyer.

In this pre-recorded presentation by David Farmer, CEO of intice, you will learn 3 compelling reasons why now is the time to optimize your dealership website for online buying. We discuss how you can improve your online sales experience, key benefits of digital retailing and how to prepare your in-store dealership sales process for the transition from analog retailing to digital retailing.

Car-Buying Behavior is Changing

Bain & Company, one of the world's leading management consulting firms. Study: The Future of Car Sales Is Omnichannel More than 5,000 car buyers providing a view of these new customer buying behaviors.

Almost 50% of buyers begin online

Typically Switch 4 Times between online & offline channels

More Than 25% of Customer are Potential Online Buyers




Find new ways to appeal to buyers

Increasingly car buyers expect the same level of innovation and personalization they find in online consumer services. Providing rich, transparent deal configuration tools will meet some of those expectations.


Provide a frictionless shopping experience

Consumers have come to expect instantaneous answers to their questions. Creating a frictionless experience means; eliminating anything that doesn't add value and negatively impacts the consumer experience. Examples include: completing online requests forms for Pricing, Trade Value and Payments and then waiting for replies.


Create harmony between online & offline shopping experiences

While online is becoming the most important starting point, buying experiences are still not pure digital plays. With typical car buyers shifting between online & offline they expect that their preferences will carry across channel boundaries.



Enhance the buying experience

According to a Cox Automotive study, consumers who worked their deals online reported more satisfaction with several aspects of the overall buying experience. 93% Increase in satisfaction with overall dealer communication, 172% increase in satisfaction of the time they spent at the dealership.


Improving operational efficiencies

Consumers engaging with dealers in an authentic dealmaking experience, dealers automatically begin building an increased level of consumer transparency and trust. By the time a shopper visits a dealer’s showroom, the sales team has saved valuable time and is armed with a level of information that they would not have been extracted through a typical lead submission form.


Increasing dealer profitability

According to the Cox Automotive Study, vehicles sold to customers who engaged with digital retailing tools sold 6 days faster on average. Additionally, 54% of car buyers said they would buy from a dealership that offers a preferred experience, even if it didn’t have the lowest price.




Keep It Simple. Selecting a Digital Retailing Solution that adapts to your existing Dealership Website, CRM and Desking and F&I process limits the disruption that can be created by change.



There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital retailing. A flexible solution provides the dealership the ability tailor the technology to a dealership’s specific operational model, and provides the ability to adapt over time.



While providing transparency into deal calculations are an essential element of Digital Retailing, ensuring the information is accurate is what will build confidence and trust. Retail Loan Calculation, Lease Calculation, Taxes and Fees and selecting the appropriate rebates and incentives is complex, selecting a Digital Retailing Solution that can provide accurate data is essential for success.


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check_box   Seamless integration on your website.

check_box   Accurate Retail and Lease Payment Calculation.

check_box   Calculate Accurate Taxes & Fees, Incentives.

check_box   Easy for Customers to Configure Own Deal.

check_box Trade Evaluation Build Right in.

check_box   Schedule Appointments for Showroom Visit.

check_box   Integrates with intice® Visa Incentive Offer (optional)

check_box   Customer Worksheet for Simple Online to In-store visit hand off.

Analog Retailing to Digital Retailing

Provide a frictionless shopping experience.

Creating a frictionless experience means; eliminating anything that doesn't add value and negatively impacts the consumer experience. Examples includes, completing online requests forms for Pricing, Trade Value and Payments and then waiting for replies.


See it in Action.

check_box   Primary Call-to-Action on SRP & VDP

check_box   Lead Conversion Form

check_box   Thank you Page with Dealmaker ExpLainer Video

check_box   Evaluate Trade Vehicle Values

check_box   Purchase Options Retail/Lease

check_box   Schedule Appointment

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