Introducing Dealmaker®

Plug & Play Digital Retailing for your website.

A Digital Retailing Application for customers, who are demanding more control and transparency in the buying process and who are looking to reduce the amount of time needed inside a dealership for their car purchase.

Car Shoppers visiting dealership websites want to do more than search for inventory or complete an online form submission. They are searching for an integrated sales process providing transparency in the purchase experience that spans both their website experience and the showroom experience.

Leveraging the experience gained over the last 6 years of helping dealers convert more leads and generate more showroom traffic, intice® has developed a revolutionary digital retailing website application.

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eCommerce Technology for Car Dealer Websites

check_box   Integrates with your website

check_box   Superior User Experience

check_box   On Your SRP & VDP

check_box   Immediatley pushes deal to your CRM

check_box   No other subscriptions needed

check_box   100% Accurate Lease, Retail, Taxes & Incentives

check_box   Close More Deals

check_box   Encourage Showroom Visit

check_box   Online to Offline Engagement Harmony


Watch the Video

check_box   Seamless integration on your website.

check_box   Accurate Retail and Lease Payment Calculation.

check_box   Calculate Accurate Taxes & Fees, Incentives.

check_box   Easy for Customers to Configure Own Deal.

check_box Trade Evaluation Build Right in.

check_box   Schedule Appointments for Showroom Visit.

check_box   Integrates with intice® Visa Incentive Offer (optional)

check_box   Customer Worksheet for Simple Online to In-store visit hand off.

Instant ecommerce for car dealerships

Optimize your dealership website and provide A Frictionless Shopping experience with a Express Shopping Technology to provide a smooth shopping experience on a mobile device.  Increase customer engagement, lead generation and showroom visits.

Learn How Sun Toyota Generated 590 Leads, 116 Sales and 4 months of back-to-back record months.


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See it in Action.

check_box   Primary Call-to-Action on SRP & VDP

check_box   Lead Conversion Form

check_box   Thank you Page with Dealmaker ExpLainer Video

check_box   Evaluate Trade Vehicle Values

check_box   Purchase Options Retail/Lease

check_box   Schedule Appointment

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