VISA® Lead Conversion System

check_box   Premium Visa Reward Card System

check_box   Leadmaker Entrance Offer Notification

check_box   Leadmaker Exit Offer Notification

check_box   Adaptive Offer Technology

check_box   Email Marketing System

check_box   On Demand Visa Ordering

check_box   3rd Party Lead integration

$30.95 / Premium Visa Reward Card



pricingtrademaker.png® Trade Evaluation System

check_box   Kelley Blue Book Integration

check_box   Desktop Application

check_box   iFrame - In Page Application

check_box   Trademaker Banner

check_box   Visa Incentive Integration

check_box   New Vehicle Selection Tools

check_box   Email Marketing System

Upgrade or Stand-Alone




Digital Retailing Application

check_box   SRP Call To Action Buttom

check_box   VDP Call To Action Buttom

check_box   Dynamic Inventory Integration

check_box   Retail Program Integration

check_box   Lease Program Integration

check_box   Taxes and Fees Calculation

check_box   Factory Incentive Integration

Upgrade or Stand-Alone

Conversion 360:

Complete Lead Conversion Website Platform Bundle. Save 20% by selecting two options, 30% for selecting all three, total savings: $571.40 Per Month.

check_box   Leadmaker

check_box   Trademaker

check_box   Dealmaker







Conversion 360 Package


Display 360:

VDP Dynamic Retargeing, SRP Dynamic Retargeting AND Campign+Offer Display.


Video 360:

In-Stream, Discovery, Bumper Ads, Zero Production Costs. Typical TrueView Cost Per View: $0.20/CPV



All Inclusive: Packages starting at $5,995 Fully integrated Marketing to Conversion Solution, close the loop on your marketing and conversion with intice360. Revolutionary Digital Marketing Solution. Display, Video & Conversion all in one complete, interconnected solution. 200,000 Display Impressions per month - Included 200,000 Video Impressions per month - Included Leadmaker Subscription - Included Trademaker Subscription - Included Dealmaker Subscription - Included Unlimited Visa Card Redemptions - Included Contact us today for a full presentation.


What is intice360

Looking for a Basic Visa Reward Card Lead Conversions System?

Try our Legacy Product, intice® Plus - Basic Lead Gen system featuring a standard Visa for only $28.95/card


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