The incentive marketing architecture is a powerful tool for affecting behavior.

intice® Leadmaker™ presents a Visa Reward Card Incentive to customers as they ENTER at the dealerships website and, if they have not converted during their visit, as they EXIT.  The Entrance Notification and Exit Intent overlay are  fully Google Ranking compliant. When Leadmaker is minimized, the interactive ICON TABS provide quick access to register when the user is ready without taking up valuable digitial real estate.  intice® Leadmaker technology is polite and non-intrusive to visitors browsing your dealer's website and are extremely effective at converting visitors to leads.



Leadmaker™ Entrance Notification.

In order to convert anonymous website visitors into leads and encourage them to “give up their information” and “commit” to visiting the dealership, you need to offer them something in return.


Leadmaker™ Exit Intent Notification.

intice® Leadmaker™ Exit Intent Technology tracks the mouse movement of website visitors and at the exact moment they intent to exit the dealership's website the Visa Reward Card Incentive offer is presented to the shopper.  Providing one last chance for lead conversion before bouncing away from a dealers site.  


Leadmaker™ Minimized Icon Tabs

When a shopper closes the Entrance Notification without registering, Leadmaker is transformed into an interactive minimized icon Tab.  This allows the shopper to register for the Visa incentive offer at a later point during their visit.  The Leadmaker Icon Tab allows the user to move it to allow for greater viewing area and can open the Leadmaker Submission form easily.


Advanced Lead Submission with Customized Video.

Leadmaker Advanced Submission includes a Video overview of the features and benefits of registering for the Visa Reward Card Incentive Offer.  This video is customized to the color and Manufacture of the dealership's website.  It provides additional information at a critical point in the lead conversion process and reduces form abandonment and increases Click To Lead Conversion Rates. 

Mobile First Design: Engagement technology designed for consumers visiting your site.

Optimize your dealership website with advanced conversion technology, increasing customer engagement, lead generation and showroom visits.


The incentive marketing architecture is a powerful tool for affecting behavior.