intice® boost™










When a visitor leaves your website without converting to a lead, the Boost Retargeting Platform is engaged.  Showing your visitors relevant ads as they browse other websites on the internet.

These Boost Retargeting ads will show the exact model the customer viewed during their visit, if they only looked at one model they will only see one model in the boost ads.  If they viewed multiple models they will see multiple models in the boost ads.  

Relevance is the cornerstone of an effective retargeting campaign.  The boost platform also dynamically creates relevant, smart landing pages that contain the vehicle in the ad, a lead conversion form and reviews captured from previous store visitors – collected when customers activate their visa cards online.  

So with intice Boost – your retargeting ads will match the vehicles researched on your site and the landing pages will match the ad content creating a highly relevant retargeting system.

In addition to model-line retargeting, boost will serve ads that contain the exact vehicles that are viewed when they visit individual Vehicle Detail Pages.  When a customer clicks one of the VDP Boost Retargeting ads they are redirected back to the previously visited VDP on your dealership’s website.