intice® Trademaker™

In market customers visit your dealership website everyday.  The second most important answer they are looking for is "How Much is My Trade-in Worth?".  How you answer this question greatly impacts your ability to get that customer in your showroom.  Giving a Low Range may help your bottom line if the customer makes it to your store, but that is a big IF. 

The goal should be to provide quality information from a reputable 3rd party and include something that urges the customer to visit your dealership so they can obtain a professional appraisal and enter the sales process at your dealership. is the most recognizable vehicle evaluation brand in the world, a Visa Reward Card provides a valuable Incentive to encourage the customer to visit your dealership, intice Trademaker is the only tool available that combines both.

Unlike others, the intice Trade Evaluation tool not only provides a vehicle value, the intice trade-incentive app incentivises your customer to visit your dealership for an appraisal appointment increasing qualified traffic to your dealership showroom.

By providing the spectrum of values including Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In values, the information received by the prospective customer is in line with their expectations and with the ultimate appraised value given by your dealership.  The online shopper is provided with a customized trade appraisal report including information that can be used to justify the actual appraisal value of the vehicle and provides information to encourage the shopper to visit your dealership for a Free Professional  Appraisal.

The intice Trade-Incentive App is fully integrated with all aspects of the intice offer system, including the Email Marketing System, the Dynamic Retargeting System and the Adaptive Offer Technology, providing the most comprehensive and effective trade evaluation system for your dealership website.

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