In market customers visit your dealership website everyday. The second most important answer they are looking for is "How Much is My Trade-in Worth?".

How you answer this question greatly impacts your ability to get that customer in your showroom.  By providing the ability to receive quality information from a reputable 3rd party and include something that incentivizes the customer to visit your dealership to obtain a professional appraisal, you will receive more in-market shoppers in your dealership showroom.  Trademaker by intice supplies 3 specific Trade Conversion tools for your dealership showroom, providing easy access to trade evaluation data when they are ready to engage.  Trademaker includes a Desktop App with a chat style text bubble invitation, an Interactive Banner for use anywhere a dealership chooses to use it, such as on the Home Pager, SRP and VDP.  Plus an in-page iFrame installation for a dealerships Value Your Trade Page.



The incentive marketing architecture is a powerful tool for affecting behavior.

Unlike others, the intice® Trademaker: Trade Evaluation tool not only provides a vehicle value, the intice trade-incentive app provides an incentive for your customer to visit your dealership for an appraisal appointment increasing qualified traffic to your dealership showroom.

tradeipadincentive ipad.png

3 Apps in 1: Engagement for the modern website.

The intice® Trademaker Desktop App puts quick and easy access on every page of your dealership website without taking up any digital real estate.

The intice® Trademaker In-Page App provides for a full screen trade evaluation experience. Installed on a dedicated Value My Trade Page on your website you can use as a landing page from other areas of your dealership's website or for other forms of Digital Marketing.

The intice® Trademaker Banner App provides Instant Results with "Type-Ahead" functionality. Providing the quickest and easiest way to get a trade evaluation featuring values, right on your dealership's website.

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Trademaker™ Desktop App.

Trademaker™ iFrame

Trademaker™ Banner


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Mobile First Design: Engagement technology designed for consumers visiting your site.

Optimize your dealership website with advanced conversion technology, increasing customer engagement, lead generation and showroom visits.


The incentive marketing architecture is a powerful tool for affecting behavior.