MDP 048 | TikTok, Like a Savage!

#tiktok #savage #GaryV #VDP Design #ROIofYourMother Join David & David talking about TikTok for your dealership, 12 Hour Live Stream from Gary Vaynerchuk, VDP Design Best Practices, Book of the Week: Dot Com Secrets, Russell Brunson - plus a whole lot more

MDP 047 | Will Covid-19 Change the Way We Buy Cars?

#Badger #ILikeBigTrucks #DigitalRetailer #DigitalRetailing Join David & David are back in the MDP Studio and they are talking about How Covid-19 will change the way we buy and sell cars, why everybody is in the market for a new car, always... Do Salesmen still throw trade-in keys on the roof plus a quick mention of the plaid suite wearing, car selling Badger asking about wiggle-room. All this and more on episode 047 of The Modern Dealer Podcast

MDP 046 | 'Merica 2.0 - 5 Trends Shaping the Auto Industry's Approach to a New Normal

#Reboot2020 #Merica #AutoIndustryTrends #SendInTheMurderHornets Join David & David celebrating David's 46th Birthday on Episode 046 - We meet Valentina Bertoncini - We look at 5 trends shaping the Auto Industry's approach to the ['Merica 2.0] - 'the New Normal' - We take a time machine back to 2019 and 4 months (Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self) into the future and we look how we can cancel the 90 Day Trial of 2020 and #Reboot2020

MDP 045 | Cinco De Mayo - No Topic Tuesday ­čśť

Join David & David talking M&M's for Lunch, Bike Rides & Suicide Drills, May Birthdays, Coffee with David & David, Video Resumes, Finding your voice after 45 Episodes, KAISEN, Learning how to make a podcast, What do you call that again, oh yeah, Swingers. No Ragrets, not even on letter, Hubspot vs. GoDaddy, 21 Day Car-Flipping Challenge, 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Gary V and remembering the Camry Wagon. All This and More on this episode of the Modern Dealer Podcast.