4 Website Tools for Dealers to Convert More Visitors Into Qualified Leads

by Marissa Marazzi on February 10, 2017

Every visitor who abandons your website without converting is a missed opportunity.

The average dealerships website does a poor job of converting website visitors to leads, which should be one of the key purposes of a dealership website.What a dealer needs today, is a way to covert the existing traffic on their website. This is exactly what we offer, an Incentive Marketing Lead Conversion Solution- with tools built to increase customer online engagement which results in more sales opportunities. 

The intice Conversion Tools seamlessly integrates with every website provider and creates specific conversion pathways on your website driven by the concept of incentive marketing.  

Let’s cut to the chase; These 4 website tools will literally turn your dealership’s website into a lean, mean lead conversion machine. 

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4 Tools to Convert More Visitors Into Qualified Leads

1. intice® offer™ | Patented Offer Overlay



In order to convert anonymous website visitors into leads and encourage them to “give up their information” and “commit” to actually coming in store, you need to offer them something in return. A Visa Incentive is a True Incentive that rewards the customer for the activity we want them to take on your website, converting to a lead and visiting the showroom. To receive the VISA the customer not only needs to register for it, they must visit the showroom. Using a promise of a Visa Reward card in return for visiting a dealership showroom is an effective way to increase lead conversion and ultimately increase showroom traffic. This lead conversion technology is designed to convert low-funnel anonymous website visitors to high quality first party leads without duplication. 



2. intice® trade™ | Trade Evaluation Tool



The Trade Evaluation Tools provides quick and easy access to Trade Evaluation Data and incentivizes Appraisal Appointment with intice Visa Reward Card. The trade evaluation is used as an additional path to conversion and the customer is incentivized for a trade appraisal appointment using the dealership’s customized offer.


 3. intice® exit™ | Exit Intent Lead Technology


 By tracking a visitor’s activity on the site and monitoring lead conversion status, intice automatically delivers a prominent and compelling call to action, including the dealer’s incentive at the exact moment the visitor intends to navigate away from a dealer’s website. The intice Exit intent lead capture technology reduces the amount of lost traffic that should be converting.


4.  intice® boost™ | Dynamic Retargeting 


For visitors who successfully exit without lead submission, the intice dynamic model line and vehicle display page retargeting with unified smart landing pages provides extensive digital coverage on major content networks and automotive research sites by presenting highly relevant display ads during the customers online path to purchase. Unlike standard Inventory retargeting by other providers that show all inventory all visitors, converted or not, intice® Boost Retargeting ads will include only the Models and exact vehicles a customer researched on your website.


Give Each Lead a Personalized Path to Purchase 

With intice’s suite of lead generation and conversion optimization tools, you can maximize the conversion potential of each visitor, and squeeze every drop of revenue from your website. Our platform provides everything you need to increase traffic, convert leads, and prove ROI – backed by a support team that helps you grow. Remember, the customers that you delight today are going to remember you tomorrow.

Want to see what these four tools will look like on your dealership's website? Click the button below to check out this nifty tool we made where you can preview them on your site. All you have to do is type in your dealership's website and it'll preview the tools on there (free of course). 

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