Take control of your digital display creative.

intice®, a digital agency specializing in auto dealership marketing, has pioneered dynamic and personalized creative since 2012. intice provides a full-service dynamic creative platform featuring SRP and VDP Retargeting plus Targeted Display programmatic solutions.

Targeted Display.

Target in-market customers in your market to dominate your competition.

Target customers that visit your competitor showrooms.

Target customer from your Dealership Database (CRM/DMS)

Fully Managed Display Solution, customize your creative with as many as 200 different display ads with zero creative costs.

From Your VDP to Display Ads and Back Again.

VDP Retargeting - automatically syncs with your dealership website. Each ad unit features 5 High-Resolution images in an innovative slide show: Year, Make, Model Trim information, plus uses your WEBSITE VDP URL as the LANDING PAGE w/ dynamic UTM codes to pass click through information directly into your analytics account.

Dynamic Inventory Integration

Stand out from the masses with a dynamic VDP Retargeting solution that includes a slideshow of HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES.
VDP Retargeting Display
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SRP Retargeting Display
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Targeted Display
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TrueView Video

YouTube Video TrueView - content creation and placement - $0.10/view