Soft-Pull Solution: Free Credit Score.

Convert more leads from your dealership website and increase credit applications.
Generate exponentially more qualified sales leads directly from your website with Loanmaker- a web-based, pre-qualification solution that drives higher consumer engagement without requiring a SSN or DOB. Loanmaker provides unique insights into your customers’ credit profile – before they walk into your dealership!

  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Compelling Call To Action, Home Page, SRP, VDP
  • Instant Score Results for Consumer
  • Complete Credit bureau to your CRM
  • Optional credit application
  • Direct integration with RouteOne & DealerTrack
  • Includes 99 Credit Soft Pulls per month
  • CRM Lead integration: ADF-XML
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Finance Express

Full Featured Digital Retailing Solution.

Research shows that customers today continue to be frustrated with the traditional sales process encountered at dealerships. The time needed to purchase a vehicle has remained mostly unchanged in recent years. The primary activities that add time and frustration to the car purchase process include; discussing and completing paperwork, negotiating the price and payment, selecting F&I add-ons, completing a credit application and getting a trade value. The traditional car buying process does not allow for customers to complete much, if any of these 5 key activities online prior to dealership visit.

CreditAdvisor™ Gauge

It all starts with a quick simple form: name, address, phone & email.

Customer's real FICO Score in seconds
Set your qualification guidelines

Complete Credit File to your CRM
ADF-XML integration to your CRM with LIVE Credit File URL

One simple monthly fee.
One monthly fee includes 99 Credit File pulls, only $1.00 for each additional.

Mobile Optimized: Mobile App Style integration
Multiple installation points on your dealership website.

Full of Customizable Features
Match interface to your OEM - elevate your customer's online experience.

Loanmaker: Shopper Express

Loanmaker provides a modern car buying experience for customers. Customers can save time by getting their Credit Score online. Plus, they can complete a credit application that integrates right to your RouteOne or DealerTrack Account.

Key Loanmaker Features include:

Real FICO Score
Customer receive their FICO Score range on-demand

Soft-Pull Technology
Only Name, Number, Email & Phone required

Immediate CRM integration
ADF-XML email direct to your CRM

Loanmaker "Pre-Qual Certificate"

It all starts with an engaging Call To Action or CTA. When a customer visits your dealership website and is ready to take the next step - it must be very clear what that next step is. The Loanmaker Button is a clear Call To Action that will intice the customer to Click and Engage.

Get Pre-Qualified
Choose your Pre-Qualifying standards on your terms.

Perfectly integrated
Get notified immediately when a customer Pre-Qualifies and submits an application.

Full Disclosure
Easy for Sales Managers and F&I Managers to reproduce, complete deal details clearly shown.

Loanmaker: Facebook ads

Provide your customers a whole new way to interact with your dealership, without leaving Facebook.

Allow customers to get their Free Credit Score and get Pre-Qualified, right in Facebook.

Loanmaker: Facebook advertising (Choices)

We Run the Ads.
If your looking for a full hands off approach to Facebook advertising - We can do it.
Just let us know your budget and we'll take car of the rest - no monthly fee, we'll add 15% to the media cost and add it to your invoice.
You Run the Ads
We'll provide all the assest needed to create the Express Cash Offer Facebook ad to your account, all at no-charge.