intice® Leadmaker™

Our Premium Visa Incentive Offer will incentivize your customer to convert to a lead with a customized Twenty Five Dollar Prepaid Visa Card. It is enough of an incentive to encourage low-funnel shoppers, however insufficient to attract non-buyers. To receive the Visa Card your customers need to visit your showroom.

The intice Adaptive Offer Technology provides page level exclusion control, geo-fencing to prevent mobile registrations from your location. IP Address blocking, preventing multiple offer registrations. intice’s responsive design adapts to any size screen – mobile, tablet or desktop.  The intice conversion system is not a pop-up or a pop-behind window, it is an integrated offer technology. Once a customer visits your website they will be presented with your customized offer. They can either choose to register immediately by clicking Print Coupon or dock the offer to a small tab. It will remain docked as the customer navigates the site.

The advanced lead conversion technology engages the customer with a seamless app style registration form, directly on your dealership’s site.  To register they click the docked offer tab and enters; their Name, Number & Email, selecting the reason for visit and clicking “Get Your VISA Card”. This successfully converts the customer to a lead.

Your customer can complete the process and skip to the redemption certificate or choose to supply additional information by selecting the vehicle details on their desired vehicle, including Year. Make. Model. Trim level, Color and the specific vehicle options.

Auto Dealers can effectively use marketing strategies that often involve a hook,  a hook is a short phrase or jingle designed to entice or "intice" a customer to purchase a product, like a car, or sign up for a service or submit a lead.  Some hooks are also designed to arouse interest in a product (vehicle) or service and elicit further interaction between the customer and the dealership.  Using at $25 Gift Card as a marketing hook is an effective way to increase lead conversion, showroom traffic and car sales.

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