Spec-Ops: Digital

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a component of advertising that uses internet and online digital technologies, including; mobile devices, desktop computers and any other form of digital media, to promote products and/or services. Digital Marketing is becoming more and more important for every business to incorporate into their complete marketing efforts. In many cases, Digital Marketing expenditures are out-pacing traditional platforms such as TV, Print and Radio.
Spec-Ops: Digital provides advanced Digital Marketing services for the following areas:
  • Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing
  • Ad Specials Targeted Display
  • VDP Retargeting
  • SRP Retargeting
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Specials Targeted Display
  • Facebook/Instagram Inventory Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Video
  • Facebook/Instagram Events
  • YouTube/TrueView Video
  • Analytics/Attribution Reporting

Google Ads: Search Engine Marketing

Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your ad can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours. Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, a well-timed ad can turn people into valuable customers.
  • Maximize Conversions Bidding
  • Responsive Ad Creation
  • Dynamic Inventory Integration, VDP-URL/ Keyword/Ad Text
  • Daily Budget Optimization
  • Ad Testing & Rotation
  • Optimized Ad Scheduling
  • RLSA, Geo, & In-market Targeting
  • Negative Keywords & Geo Exclusions
  • Ad Text Consistency
  • Landing Page Audits

Google Marketing Platform:

Display & Video 360

A smarter platform for better results.
Reach the right people: Access all of your audience insights in a single tool, so you reach the right people with your message. With specialized options for keywords, demographics, and remarketing, you can reach more customers by encouraging them to notice your brand, consider your offerings, and take action.
Put intelligent automation to work: Apply machine learning to automate steps like bidding and optimization, helping you respond to customers’ needs faster. Fueled by powerful machine learning algorithms, our automated bidding strategy drives performance at scale to help you reach your goals. You can even automate the direct sales deal-booking process and apply real-time audience data to your reservation buys.
Control your campaigns: See precisely how your money is being spent and know exactly where your ads are running so you can take the steps to adjust your campaigns. You choose the ad format, audience, how much you want to spend, and more.
Display & Video 360 has features you need — like shared creative workspace and automated bidding — to improve collaboration and drive better results.


Full Service

Key strategies that can help influence car buyers and increase sales through advertising on Facebook.
The Four Strategies
  • Why Buy Here:78% of car shoppers in the US who plan to purchase a vehicle within 3 months haven’t chosen what dealership they will buy from. The “Why Buy Here” strategy helps you to promote your dealership brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Reach ready-to-buy consumers: Facebook is the most frequently used touchpoint throughout the auto purchaser’s journey. This strategy uses advanced machine learning to help capture prospective in-market shoppers who are actively researching online by delivering VIN specific dynamic ads.
  • Build customers for life: Whether they’re looking for a new car or an oil change, the Facebook Family of Apps and Services enables you to reach out and communicate with your consumers about what matters most to them in order to help retain and capture new customers.
  • Drive promotions and events: Amplify important dealership moments using Facebook’s event-based ad unit. Generate excitement around your test drive campaigns, sponsored events and other key moments at your dealership!
Millions of businesses, big and small, connect with people on Facebook.

Carousel Ads:

Monthly Ad Specials

The carousel ad format is available for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network, and allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. With more creative space within an ad, you can highlight different products, showcase specific details about one product, service or promotion, or tell a story about your brand that develops across each carousel card.
You can choose to let Facebook optimize the order of the carousel images, based on each card's performance. But if you're using the format to tell a sequential story, make sure you opt out of the automatic optimization feature.

Carousel Ads:

Dynamic Inventory

Automotive inventory ads are a type of dynamic ad that's optimized for people who are in market for a vehicle. Like dynamic ads, automotive inventory ads use your Facebook pixel or SDK to show ads to in-market shoppers including, and beyond, your recent website/app visitors. However, this advertising format has even more benefits for vehicle advertisers as it was specifically built to retarget in-market car buyers.
Automotive inventory ads allow manufacturers and dealers to upload their entire catalog of vehicle inventory with relevant details such as make, model and year, and then show the most compelling inventory and features. It also automatically generates ads that show the most compelling inventory to the right audiences—driving them toward vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms or other valuable places. With a single integration, you can make sure that your most relevant vehicles are always being shown to potential auto buyers—allowing you to focus on closing the sale.

Google Marketing Platform:

DV360: Targeted Display

Target Auto-Intender customers in your PMA and dominate your competition.

Target customers that visit your competitor showrooms. Spec-Ops builds accurate, custom geofences to reach consumers based on where they are in real-time. Target Customers visiting the showrooms of your competition.

Target customer from your Dealership Database (CRM/DMS): Processing your data allows Spec-Ops to Clean, De-dup, Append and then match to the largest people centered database in the world. Matching over 50% with 85% probablity to online devices that are targetable with your display advertisments while protecting PII, Personal Identifying Information. Providing a powerful, yet cost-effective way to communitcate directly consumers in your database.

Fully Managed Display Solution, customize your creative with as many as 200 different display ads with zero creative costs.

Google Marketing Platform:

DV360: VDP Retargeting

From Your VDP to Display Ads and back again.
VDP Retargeting automatically syncs with your dealership website. Each ad unit features 5 High-Resolution images in an innovative slide show: Year, Make, Model Trim information, plus uses your WEBSITE VDP URL as the LANDING PAGE with dynamic UTM codes to pass click through information directly into your Google Analytics account.

TrueView Video

YouTube Video TrueView - content creation and placement - $0.10/view